Of Course the Internet Named This Australian Boat ‘Ferry McFerryface’

Australia’s most populous city is getting a new fleet of inner harbor ferries, one of which, due to an online naming poll, will be Ferry McFerryface. Why should we have expected any less? Read More >>

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Inside Sydney’s New Cathedral of Light

Every year, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia, hosts an event called Vivid Sydney: a festival of light, music and ideas. This year, it’s constructed a giant tunnel, known as the Cathedral of Light, which runs along the edge of the gardens — and there’s a rather large surprise waiting at the end. Read More >>

iPhone Weather App Baffles Australians With Snow Forecast for Sydney

Something's gone a bit wrong with Apple's weather forecasting matrices, with the iOS Weather app telling Sydney residents to brace themselves for snow and sleet -- despite the fact no snow has been recorded in the city for well over 100 years. Read More >>

Here’s How Google Installed a Monorail In Its Australian Offices

Do you ever joke around with your coworkers about how cool it would be to build desks out of old cars or have meetings on a houseboat? Maybe not, but if you work at Google, you might want to start—because they might actually make your weird office dreams a reality. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Launch Scandal: Apple Accused Of Ignoring Queue To Find Its Own First Owners

Sydney’s flagship Apple Store threw its doors open at 8am local time this morning to the sound of thunderous applause. Those at the front of the queue who had been queueing for three days entered the store, weary, ready to collect their prize: the world’s first iPhone. But that’s not how it went down. Read More >>

Sydney Opera House Is Our New Favorite Lego Architecture Set

The Sydney Opera House is one of the three Lego Architecture models coming out this year, along with London's Big Ben and South Korea's Namdaemun Gate. It's a neat small construction. The £35 set—model 21012—includes 270 pieces. Read More >>