Antivirus Makers Confirm—and Deny—Getting Breached After Hackers Offer Stolen Data Online

Symantec and Trend Micro are among the list of leading antivirus companies that a group of Russian-speaking hackers allege to have compromised, Gizmodo has learned. It remains unclear to what degree the claim is true, if any. Read More >>

Rare Malware Targeting Uber’s Android App Uncovered

Malware discovered by Symantec researchers sneakily spoofs Uber’s Android app and harvests users’ passwords, allowing attackers to take over the affected users’ accounts. The malware isn’t widespread, though, and most Uber users are not effected. Read More >>

You Don’t Need Anti-Virus Software for Your Life

Yesterday security company Symantec, best known for its consumer anti-virus programs, spent $2.3 billion on a company called LifeLock. LifeLock is a so-called “identity protection” provider that is supposed to help alert its subscribers to odd activity on their accounts. Read More >>

You Should Update Your Antivirus Software Right Now

A security researcher at Google has found several fatal flaws in Symantec antivirus software (also known as Norton) that he describes as “as bad as it gets”. Symantec has issued an advisory to customers and released updates that fix the security flaws. Read More >>

Meet Regin, Super Spyware That’s Been Attacking Computers for Years

In case you needed more affirmation that the internet is not a safe place, Symantec published a report today detailing a sophisticated form of spyware known as Regin. Read More >>

Virus Blockers are “Dead” Says Norton Maker Symantec

Symantec, developer of the Norton series of anti-virus products, says the good side is losing the battle against the malware creators, with only 45 per cent of viruses actually stopped by anti-virus tools. The increased complexity of hacks means anti-virus software is effectively "dead." Read More >>

Blogs Are Way More Dangerous Than Porn

We used to say that if you'd managed to get a virus on your computer, you'd been visiting too many dodgy porn sites. Apparently that's not the case any more; porn is actually pretty safe, and it's those pesky blogs you have to worry about. Read More >>

Nearly All Lost Smartphone Finders Will Snoop Through It, Only Half Might Return It

Well, so much for relying on the kindness of strangers. Symantec studied the reactions of average people who found a lost cell phone in public. The results are less than what you'd call "upstanding." Read More >>

Hackers Publish Symantec’s Source Code After £30,000 Extortion Attempt Fails

Hacker YamaTough has published Symantec's pcAnywhere's source code, the program which is used by users and companies to access personal computers remotely. The publication follows a £30,000 extortion attempt that was made public last night. Read More >>

Hackers Demanded £30,000 to Sit on Stolen Symantec Source Code

According to email transcripts posted to Pastebin yesterday, and confirmed by the company, a group of hackers attempted to extort £30,000 from Symantec in exchange for not releasing its stolen PCAnywhere and Norton Antivirus source code. Read More >>

android crapware adware malware
Symantec Backpedals — 5 Million Downloaded Android Apps Not Malware, Simply Crapware

Symantec’s Android scaremongering last week wasn’t all that justified it seems. Although the 13 apps that it pinpointed as malware aren’t all that great, it appears they’re actually slightly less vicious adware – something Windows users are horribly familiar with. Read More >>

When Antivirus Firms Can’t Tell They’ve Been Hacked, We’re All Doomed

Symantec has been scrabbling around trying address a security breach from 2006 that came to light recently. But the fact that the company wasn't sure its was hacked in the first place doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Read More >>

Symantec Tells PCAnywhere Users To… Stop Using It

Security specialist Symantec has asked users of its remote desktop management tool PCAnywhere to stop using it, while it works on a fix for security issue. Read More >>

Norton Antivirus Hackers Plan Big Online Dump Tomorrow

A hacking team going under the excellent name of "The Lords of Dharmaraja" claims to have accessed confidential Symantec servers and downloaded the source code for its Norton Antivirus flagship product. And it'll be dumping the 1.7GB file online tomorrow. Read More >>