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Watching Paint Symmetrically Mix Itself is Surprisingly Fun

Because the globs of paint are mirrored to create a symmetrical effect and because it looks like the paint is mixing itself on its own without a palette knife, it’s sort of a trip to watch it all get thrown together, like if it was just magically plopping itself on top of each other in some sort of mesmerizing magical dance. [Annette Labedzki via Colossal] Read More >>

These Mysterious Ultra-Rare Crystals Probably Formed in Outer Space

Quasicrystals are unusual materials in which the atoms are arranged in regular patterns that nonetheless never repeat themselves. Most are man-made in the lab; only one case of naturally occurring quasicrystals has been found thus far. And now physicists believe they’ve figured out how that happened. Read More >>

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Wes Anderson is Obsessed With Symmetry

Whether it's Richie Tenenbaum's face or the Fantastic Mr. Fox's tree home, Wes Anderson is obsessed with symmetry. Don't believe it? Just watch this supercut. That's some very, very impressive attention to detail. [FastCo] Read More >>

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: are Perfectly Symmetrical Faces the Most Beautiful of All?

Beauty is in symmetry. Symmetry is beautiful. Or something like that. But what if that's not true? Photographer Alex John Beck played around with the idea of facial symmetry by creating perfectly symmetrical composite images of people's faces in his photography series Both Sides Of. Read More >>