Playing With These Sonic Animations is the Most Fun You’ll Have Today

Okay, here is an addictive diversion I think you're going to like: Patatap lets you make tunes and pictures with your computer keyboard (instead of boring old words). It's lovely, it's easy, and it's fun—try it below! Read More >>

Teen Girl Claims to Share Synaesthesia Feelings With Machinery

A 15-year-old US girl claims she has some sort of affinity with modern machinery, with a form of synaesthesia letting her feel technology in various ways as it operates around her. She might be a good one to ask if your broadband's going slowly for no apparent reason. Read More >>

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What It’s Like to Have Synesthesia And See All Your Numbers in Colour

In the big wide world of mental disorders, synesthesia is probably one of the most interesting and least harmful. It's like a sensory remix. But what's it really like? Alex from Bite Sci-Zed, who "suffers" from a flavour of the disorder where her numerals have very distinct colours, explains it. By the numbers. [Numberphile] Read More >>