Report: Documents Show Extensive Huawei Ties to Suspected Fronts in Iran and Syria

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei and the daughter of its founder Ren Zhengfei, was detained in Canada late last year at the behest of U.S. authorities, who allege she oversaw a complex financial scam to violate nuclear sanctions on Iran. The incident has become a major source of tension amid the ongoing U.S.-China trade war – and according to a Tuesday report in Reuters, newly discovered corporate filings and other documents show the depth of Huawei’s ties to Iran as well as Syria. Read More >>

A Notorious Scammer Tricked Twitter Into Thinking He was in Syria

During the coordinated airstrikes in Syria launched by the United States, France, and Britain in response to a chemical attack on civilians believed to be carried out by the Assad regime, Twitter users rushed to find reliable sources of information about the attack. Unfortunately, many of them were tricked by Arturas Kerelis, a scammer pretending to be an authority on the situation. Read More >>

Drone Footage Shows New Destruction at the Syrian World Heritage Site of Palmyra

As if the nearly six-year civil war in Syria couldn’t get any worse, it appears that militants with the so-called Islamic State have inflicted further damage to the ancient Roman-era site of Palmyra. Read More >>

Wikileaks May Have Withheld Key Russian Documents From ‘Syria Files’ Leaks

Wikileaks withheld a batch of emails showing a $2.2 billion transaction between the Syrian regime and a Russian government-owned bank, according to a Daily Dot report. If true, the report will likely have a lasting negative impact on Wikileaks’ credibility. The report alleges that the transparency organisation betrayed its own core values of “pristine leaking,” and did so in a way that protects Russia’s public image. Read More >>

That Syria / Ayia Napa Party Boat Mix Up is Fake

A bunch of lads with beer bellies, brightly-coloured shorts and arm tats have pulled off quite the ruse, tricking a number of publications into reporting that they’d ended up in Syria after getting pissed up in Ayia Napa and mistakenly catching a boat to the war-torn country. Read More >>

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Replica of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph Built in London From 3D Scans

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has been liberated, but many of its features have been destroyed by Islamic State (IS). Now, a team of archaeologists have created a replica of the city’s Arch of Triumph in London, based on 3D scans of the structure. Read More >>

Islamic State Damage to Ancient City of Palmyra is ‘Enormous’

Late last week, Islamic State (IS) militants were routed from the historic city of Palmyra, a UN World Heritage site. A preliminary investigation of the ancient ruins suggests that the damage is not as bad as feared, and that a significant portion of the relics could be restored quickly. Read More >>

Everything We Know About the Syrian Hackers Who Hijacked AP’s Twitter to Stage White House Bomb Hoax

Today the FBI unsealed documents charging three hackers of the Syrian Electronic Army with everything from extortion to hacking a US Marines website. Remember when the Associated Press Twitter account got hacked in 2013 and said that the White House had been bombed, injuring the President? It sent the stock market into a nosedive. And these are the guys who allegedly did it. Read More >>

The Jihadist List Hyped as the ‘Biggest ISIS Intelligence Haul Ever’ is a Bizarre, Inaccurate Mess

Did Sky News receive the “biggest Islamic State intelligence haul” ever this week? Read More >>

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The Destruction Caused By the War in Syria is Devastating

Russia Works shot this aerial footage of Homs, which shows the Syrian city, which was the third largest in the country and once home to a population of over 800,000, having been completely destroyed. Buildings and homes have turned to rubble, the city looks like the aftermath of the apocalypse, and the people have disappeared. Read More >>

Syria is Becoming a Test Bed for High-Tech Weapons of Electronic Warfare

The relationship between Russia and the west is becoming increasingly dangerous with potential flashpoints developing in both eastern Europe and Syria. After repeated incursions into Turkish airspace by Russian warplanes on bombing raids over Syria, NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg warned Moscow that it stands ready to “defend all allies”. Meanwhile Britain announced it would send troops to Baltic states to defend NATO’s eastern boundaries against possible Russian aggression beyond Ukraine. Read More >>

Drones Will Airdrop Relief Supplies to Combat Zones in Syria

Drones—like sharks and William Shatner—are often misunderstood by the public. Many associate the autonomous fliers with warfare and creepy government spies. But drones can be heroic, dropping life-saving supplies to civilians in combat zones. Read More >>

Syria’s “Monuments Men” are Trying to Save History Amid ISIS Chaos

Roman ruins. Byzantine villages. Umayyad architecture. The relics of the Hittites, Assyrians, Arabs, Mongols, Mamelukes, and Ottomans. Syria has some of the most remarkable cultural history in the world—and now, National Geographic reports that Syrians are using archaeological first aid to save it. Read More >>

Snowden: The NSA Turned Off Syria’s Internet

Remember when the Syrian governmentshut down the entire country's internet a little under two years ago? Well, thanks to Edward Snowden's recent Wired interview, we now know that's not quite what happened. In fact, it was the NSA who flipped the switch. Read More >>