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Rick and Morty Fan Sells Bottle of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for Nearly £12,000

One of the things to come out of the Rick and Morty's third series premiere is an invigorated demand for McDonald's limited edition Szechuan dipping sauce. This prompted the fast food chain to bring back a limited supply, with bottles given to co-creator Justin Roiland and other Rick and Morty fans. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Rick and Morty’s Beloved Szechuan Sauce From Another Dimension

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, the limited edition dipping sauce that was briefly available in the summer of 1998 as promotion for Disney’s Mulan, is Rick Sanchez’s singular reason for traversing the multiverse. Just in time for the show’s third season return, a McDonald’s chef has brought the sauce back. Read More >>