Gigantic T. Rex Skeleton Found in Canada is Officially World’s Biggest

Updated measurements of a large fossil found in Saskatchewan nearly 30 years ago confirm it as the world’s largest known Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Remarkably, the new work suggests T. rex and other dinosaurs grew to a greater size than is typically appreciated. Read More >>

T-Rex Catches Fire at Theme Park Despite the Fact That Real Dinosaurs Were Rarely on Fire

The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Canon City, Colorado, used to have 16 regular T-Rex dinosaur statues. Now it has just 15, since one of the dinosaurs caught fire yesterday morning. It burned down in a glorious spectacle that was all caught on tape. But it wasn’t very scientifically accurate. Read More >>

T. Rex Couldn’t Sprint But It Could Still Move Faster Than You

Films like Jurassic Park have led us to believe that Tyrannosaurus rex was capable of chasing down its prey at full tilt. New research done with simulations suggest this dino was no sprinter, and that it couldn’t move any faster than a brisk walk. Well, a brisk walk for a nine tonne carnivore. At a top speed of 12 miles per hour, you’d still have a hard time outrunning this prehistoric beast. Read More >>

So Did T. Rex Have Feathers or Not?

There’s something about dinosaurs that makes them strangely endearing, despite murdering humans in an umpteen number of films, having big teeth, and being related to one of the meanest types of living animal, birds. So lots of people (us, mainly) got excited about evidence showing that Tyrannosaurus rex might look more like an angry, feathered chicken. But a new study is swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction. Read More >>

Terrifying Looking T-rex Ants Actually Total Wimps

There are a lot of silly ways you can name a new species—maybe after a boat, or the President, or the sound you made when you found it. But this little ant probably received one of the most badass names possible: Tyrannomyrmex rex, T-rex for short. Read More >>

This £1.64 Million Half-Complete T-Rex Doesn’t Cost Money, It Makes Money

For $100,000, Hammacher Schlemmer will sell you a life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but for $2.39 million/£1.64 million Theropod Expeditions will sell you the real thing—or at least 45 per cent of one. With 135 of its 300 bones being genuine fossils collected in Montana and Wyoming, it’s more complete than many T-rex skeletons on display in museums. Read More >>

T. Rex Oven Gloves Make Kitchen Burns Extinct

The marvels of modern mould-making have allowed us to turn food-safe silicone into an endless run of novel kitchen accessories. This includes oven gloves in every shape, size, and colour, but few have to be as satisfying to use as chomping down on a hot baking sheet with a silicone T. Rex on your hand. Read More >>

A T-Rex Riding a Horse Kicking a Football is Everything Wonderful About the Internet

The internet has some dark corners, there’s no denying that. But how could humanity ever carry on without a tool that lets us share a brilliant video of a man in an inflatable T-rex costume riding a horse kicking a giant football? Read More >>

Of Course Hammacher Will Sell You an Amazing Full-Size T-Rex Skeleton

Proving that it will always have what it takes to compete with the likes of Neiman Marcus when it comes to obscene gift ideas, Hammacher Schlemmer has revealed this beauty for the 2014 holiday season: a $100,000/£62,572 life-size replica of a 40-foot long T-rex skeleton that stands 15-feet tall. Good luck hiding that under the tree. Read More >>

3d printing
T-Rex Skull Shower Heads Justify the Existence of 3D Printers

The next time someone asks you to explain 3D printers, and why anyone would want one in their home, you can simply bring up this article and show them that without 3D printing technology we may never have had a T-Rex shower head. Read More >>

3d printing
Start Your Own Private Museum With a 3D Printer and This T-Rex Model

Does waiting in line at a museum just to check out some old dinosaur bones that may or may not be real sound like a terrible way to spend a weekend? If you've got a 3D printer at home, MakerBot's Digital Store is now selling this anatomically correct T-Rex skeleton model that you can print at home as a start to your own personal private museum. Read More >>

A Life-Sized T-Rex Replica is Your “Who Needs DNA Cloning?” Deal of the Day

This big old world is filled with weird and wonderful people, so there's no telling what'll get your rocks off. Some people like the opposite sex. Some like the same sex. Some like both. Some like inanimate objects because they don't decay, argue with you or try and get off with their work colleagues. In fact, it is a wonder us humans haven't ditched each other altogether. Read More >>

How T. Rex Ate a Triceratops in Four Easy Steps

If you've always wondered how Tyrannosaurs Rex ate the horned monstrosity that was a Triceratops, you need puzzle no longer. Scientists have finally pieced together how they did it—and it was surprisingly straightforward. Read More >>

T.Rex Radiator is Simultaneously The Coolest and Hottest Product Ever

Fancy yourself as the next John Hammond but can’t afford all that expensive prehistoric insect amber? Not to mention the cost of frog DNA these days. Read More >>

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Photographer Finds Standing 35-Foot-Tall Tree-Rex

Photographer Spike Malin and his wife Debbie were walking across the fields of Alby, Norfolk, when they found this 35-foot-tall Treennosaurus Rex. In reality, is an ash tree covered in ivy. Read More >>