Aerochromics Pollution-sensing Shirts Might Keep Your Lungs Clean

A range of clothing that says it can detect low air quality in your surroundings has the lofty ambition of becoming a "sixth sense" for mankind, letting the urban warrior of today take refuge inside a cool building when high levels of carbon monoxide or particulate pollution make their shirt change colour. Read More >>

Official Morrissey Shopping Experience Comes to London’s Battersea Dog’s Home

The famed lyricist, novelist and miserablist is opening a physical shop in London to coincide with a couple of gigs he's playing next week, with the Battersea Dog's Home set to feature a real-world pop-up version of Morrissey's online Mporium merchandise portal. Read More >>

These Graphic Prints Conceal the Entire Text of Your Favourite Books

There are lots of different kinds of love out there, but perhaps none more pure than between people and their favourite books. You could keep a copy of your one and only out at all times, prominently placed on a shelf at home, or you could buy one of these posters, t-shirts, or totes from Litographs, which condenses the text—all the text—into a single graphic print. Read More >>

Sophisticated Star Wars Fans Dress in TIE Fighter Argyle

It's rare to come across a piece of Star Wars clothing that one would ever consider classy, so kudos to the folks at Ian Leino who created this argyle pattern t-shirt that's made up of perfectly arranged TIE fighters and their hexagonal panels. Read More >>

The World Needs These Star Wars and Indiana Jones Versions of Donkey Kong

Look at these amazing Star Wars and Indiana Jones — and Batman, and Sesame Street, and Dr. Who... — conversions of Donkey Kong. I want to play them so badly. Unfortunately, they are not real editions of the Nintendo's original arcade, but designs by Baznet. They make for awesome t-shirts, but they would make for even more awesome videogames. Read More >>