I Miss Texting With T9

Smartphones have made plenty of tech obsolete. Yet every time I get a buzz for a text, I can’t help but feel a deep yearning for the old glory days of T9 texting. Read More >>

This T9 Keyboard Puts Old School Texting on Your iPhone

Nowadays, you can put third-party keyboards on iOS 8, but back in Ye Olden Days of mobile phones (anything pre-Blackberry *shudder* *vomit*) there wasn't much choice when it came to tapping out texts. If you wanted to send a message, you used T9, a keyboard style where you'd press numbers on the dialpad until the right letter came up. Read More >>

When Was the Last Time You Thought About T9?

Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend who has a dumbphone and he was lamenting the time he wastes composing texts. When I mentioned that I was pretty speedy with T9 in my day he stared at me blankly. And then he asked me a question that I thought I would never hear again. "What's T9?" As waves of early 2000s nostalgia washed over me, I began picking out words on his phone's virgin, unadapted T9. And it was pretty great. Read More >>