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I Want to Become a Table Tennis Jedi Just So I Can Open Coke Bottles With the Ball

There’s not much fame that comes with being a championship table tennis player. You don’t get shoe deals, ticker tape parades, or cameos in movies. You do, however, get to post awesome trick shot compilation videos to YouTube, leaving the internet completely jealous of your skills with a paddle. Read More >>

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These Goofy Dudes Just So Happen to Be Incredible Table Tennis Players

What have we learned from this compilation of Takkyuugeinin’s “table tennis entertainment” vines? Read More >>

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Playing Table Tennis with Random Objects Is Seriously Goofy

Sure, some random objects like a frying pan and a shovel make some sort of sense to use as a table tennis bat replacement. But an iron? A kitchen knife? A wooden spoon? A rolling pin? Read More >>

Smart Table Tennis Table Teaches You How to Play Table Tennis Like a Pro

Table tennis is a hard game that requires quick instincts and even quicker reflexes. But what if you had some help? What if the table could tell you what to do? This ‘smart’ ping pong table shows you where to serve, tracks each shot you take, and gives you oodles of data on your game. It’s a clever projection mapping system that smartens up your game. Read More >>

It Won’t Be Long Before Drones Start Winning Olympic Gold Medals In Table Tennis

Everyone assumes that one day robotic arms will be dominating human opponents at the inevitable Cyber Olympics. If IBM’s research division has anything to say about it, flying drones could pose the bigger threat to mankind’s gold medal dreams. Read More >>

This Cardboard Table Tennis Folds Down into a Portable Cardboard Suitcase

The next time you're stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight, instead of turning to your smartphone to pass the time, just make sure this cardboard version of table tennis is one of your carry-on items. In just seconds it can be unfolded and assembled into a working ping-pong table, complete with a cardboard net, cardboard paddles and cardboard scoreboard. Read More >>

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A 3D-Printed Squeezable Ping-Pong Ball That Won’t Dent

Even if you've got the table, some choice paddles, and enough room to play, a game of ping-pong can still be undone if you can't find a tiny plastic ball that isn't dented. Table tennis balls are notoriously easy to damage, rendering them useless to play with, which is what inspired Philipp Günther to create the nearly indestructible 3D-printed AirBall. Read More >>

The Perfect Desk Could Also be a Regulation Table Tennis Table

Desks are the focal point of our work and creativity, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun, too. Like the You And Me Table, which offers both a fully-functioning table tennis surface and somewhere to work, too. Read More >>

Watch a Pro Table Tennis Player Take Down a Robot Opponent

After an anxious month's wait, we finally get to see the ultimate showdown of man vs. machine on the only battleground that matters—table tennis. The results? Humans: 1, KUKA robot: 0. Our future mechanical overlords still have quite a ways go. Read More >>

Tilting Table Somehow Makes Ping Pong Even Awesomer

They said it couldn't be done, but Robb Godshaw has successfully found a way to make ping pong—truly man's greatest sport—even better. By introducing a rocking mechanism under the table, and high-powered flashes to throw off your opponent. Read More >>