This Folding Table Is Inspired By a Pop-Up Map of New York City

At first glance this table looks like any other piece of minimalist furniture. But if you look at the intricate way in which it unfurls, you might notice a similarity with those pop-up city maps that neatly unfold with the flick of a wrist. Read More >>

Four of These Clamps Will Turn Almost Anything Into a Table

Last year, Gizmodo wrote about a Kickstarter for the Floyd Leg, an age-old, simple-as-nails clamp that turns whatever vaguely table-sized piece of material you choose into, well, an actual table. It was a refreshingly simple invention amidst the usual morass of insane vapourware and weird personal projects, and now, it's a real thing you can buy. Read More >>

This Table Slides Together Without Screws, Dowels, or Glue

The Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has many fans: including the designer of this wooden table, who says it was inspired by his low-tech cardboard buildings. Ania Wolowska named this piece the Ban table, a nod to the architect's ingenious designs for paper and wood structures that notch together with very little hardware. Read More >>

This Co-Working Table Has Hidden Depths

Co-working can be tough: regular users of a space have their natural sprawl, while those spending just a few hours at a desk would prefer a minimum of clutter. This desk has hidden depths to cater for all. Read More >>

This Magical Table’s Electromagnetic Field Turns on Nearby Light Bulbs

Hold a fluorescent light bulb near this table, and the filament will suddenly flicker on. It looks like magic, but it's simple science: An embedded circuit produces an electromagnetic field that acts on the mercury gas inside the bulbs, making them glow as if they're plugged in. Read More >>

This Impossibly Thin Table Stores Wherever You’ve Got an Inch of Space

How often do you really use that dining table in your flat? Most meals are probably consumed in front of the TV, or at a restaurant. And sure, it's handy for the occasional dinner party or tax return-filing session, but the rest of the time it's just wasting space. So reclaim a good square of your pad with this incredibly thin folding table by Lodovico Bernardi that practically disappears when you turn it sideways. Read More >>

3M Doesn’t Just Make Scotch Tape: Check Out Their Windows Surface Rival

Devices like the Windows Surface have been in development for what feels like an age, and delivered very little. Now 3M Touch Systems is showing off a 46-inch prototype touchscreen table at CES that allows up to 60 touch points, and sounds like it might actually be useful. Read More >>

A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor

There are few things that scream bachelor pad more than a pool table. And even the skeeviest single guy knows you gotta eventually class it up. That's why this pool table by Fusiontable is so perfect. It's a modern dining table with a hidden, convertible pool table underneath. Business in the front, party in the back. Read More >>