All the Best iPadOS Features That You Don’t Get in iOS

The big iPad-exclusive features (like the Dock) first started appearing in iOS 11, and now Apple’s tablets have a whole separate mobile operating system to call their own. To mark the debut of iPadOS, which starts on version 13 for continuity’s sake, here are the best features you can use on an iPad but not an iPhone. Read More >>

Oh No, Is Microsoft Going to Make Another Damn Dual-Screen Gadget?

Maybe it’s the Courier part two, a new member of the Surface family, or the long-rumoured Surface phone, but whatever is being shown in a recently discovered patent filing by Microsoft looks pretty interesting. Read More >>

Acer’s Liquid-Cooled Hybrid Packs a Lot of Power for Not a Lot of Money

It’s a lot to ask a machine to be both a laptop and a tablet, but Acer comes damn close to nailing it with its new Switch Alpha 12. To make it work, Acer had to get weird with design. Read More >>

Lenovo Comes Dangerously Close to Perfecting the Convertible Laptop

“Is that a… laptop?” the waitress at a diner near where I live asked (I had taken the Lenovo Yoga 900s with me to get some work done). “Sort of!” I said, quickly bending the screen around to demonstrate the Yoga line’s defining feature: the watchband hinge that converts the device from an ultra-thin laptop to a tablet. The waitress looked on in horror. Read More >>

surface book
Microsoft Surface Book Gets a UK Price and Pre-Order Release

Microsoft's Surface Book – the Windows 10 laptop / tablet hybrid that looked like the lovechild of a MacBook Pro and OG Surface – is finally getting a UK release. From midnight tonight (12.01am on January 5th, to be precise) you'll be able to pre-order the Surface Book from Currys, PC World and the Microsoft Store. Prices start at £1,299. Read More >>

What It’s Like To Use the iPad Pro As a Laptop

I don’t like laptops. There, I said it. I don’t hate them, but for years I’ve felt they can be improved in many different ways. So when Apple made the iPad Pro, I paid attention. Could this be the product I’d been dreaming of all this time? The short answer: No. The long answer: Also no. But it does have a few surprises. Read More >>

Instant Tablet Replays Coming to Wembley Crowd

A lucky group of fans at the forthcoming FA Cup final will get to see live action replays accessed directly from their tablets, as event organisers launch a system that employs multiple angle replays for viewers to pull up on demand. Read More >>

Dell’s New XPS 13 Sounds Like the Laptop of My Dreams

15 hours of battery life. A gorgeous 13-inch display that looks like it's floating in air. Silky carbon fibre sandwiched between shiny aluminium. Starting at just $800 (£528). My only question about the new Dell XPS 13: what's the catch? Read More >>

Asus Makes Transforming Windows Tablets Way Less Chunky

Asus popularised the cheap detachable laptop, but they've always been chunky little things. Not the Transformer Book Chi. Asus claims the new 10.1-inch T100 Chi is the thinnest Windows tablet ever made. And the 12.5-inch T300 Chi—combined with its keyboard—is now thinner than a MacBook Air. Read More >>

Ready for the Nexus 9?

Ready for Google's new monster tablet, the Nexus 9? You can now pre-order one from Google or Amazon. Prices start from £319. Read More >>

Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012) Will Also Get Android Lollipop

At its initial announcement, Google neglected to detail the software fate of two of its ageing devices—the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 (2012). Luckily, Android Lollipop will also extend to include its more senior family members. Read More >>

This Comedy Club Scans Your Face and Charges €0.30 Per Laugh

The "Fifteen quid and I didn't even crack a smile" post-gig moan may soon be reduced to history as an ingenious Spanish comedy club is getting punters to pay by the chuckle, rather than a flat rate, thanks to a back-of-the-seat iPad packed with a Brit firm's facial recognition software. Read More >>

Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE: Stream Games Anywhere (if You’ve Got the Cash)

I just stepped into the future of gaming. Well, that's not quite correct. I sampled one possible future: the one where you can take the power of your entire gaming PC absolutely anywhere. Read More >>

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is a Super-Powered Finger-Scanning Phablet

Tablet, smartphone, whatever. These distinctions mean little anymore. Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7, at a little over 6-inches, straddles the line between smartphone and tablet for those that can’t choose between the two, or afford both. Read More >>

HTC’s Nexus 9 May Come With Optional Keyboard

The rumour that HTC is signed on to make the next Nexus tablet appears to have firmed up overnight, with new images showing an official keyboard case for the supposed 8-inch or 9-inch Android showcase. Read More >>