Here’s All the New Stuff Google Announced Today

Google’s attempt at a splashy Pixel 3 launch event today may have been dulled by some of more thorough product leaks in recent memory, but luckily the company had a bit more to talk about than a couple of iterative smartphone updates. Here’s a rundown of everything Google announced today, as well as some of the things it didn’t. If you wanted a pair of fancy, new Pixel Buds or a Pixel Watch, then tough luck, dear friends. Maybe Google will hook you up next time. Read More >>

Google Revealed the Pixel Slate, But Told Us Absolutely Nothing of Note

Google insists that tablets are basically just big phones pretending to computers, throwing some subtle shade at the likes of Apple who seem to think tablets are the future. It also has lots of nice things to say about ChromeOS, so it's merged the two together, to create a tablet running ChromeOS that should be actually useful. Cue plenty of bragging,lots of fluff, and no actual information Read More >>

What to Expect From Google’s Pixel 3 Hardware Event

In less than a week’s time Google will be holding court in New York to reveal some less-than-mysterious new hardware offerings. Those Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones might have been thoroughly leaked ahead of next week’s gathering, but what other surprises has Google managed to keep under wraps? Read More >>

HP Thinks It Cracked the 2-in-1 Code

At first glance, the HP Spectre Folio looks like any old tablet in a leather case. It’s not outstanding or even very interesting looking. But it’s a very clever device, hiding in an elegant package. When you see it in person, your excitement slowly builds as its design reveals itself to you. Read More >>

Apparently Google’s New Chrome OS Tablet Will be Called the Pixel Slate

Android tablets have always been the focus of some criticism, because the OS isn't properly optimised for large screens - which can be problematic for some apps. It's a wonder why Google never bothered with a tablet that can run Chrome OS, rather than limiting it to laptops, but it's been known for a while that something is in the works. Now it's being claimed that the tablet itself will be called the Pixel Slate. Read More >>

Kurio’s Kid-Friendly Tablet Gives Parents More Control Than Ever

There are more screens around us than ever, and with the popularity among parents and kids the discussion over screen time is now bigger than any point in history. Kids tablets are nothing new, with various companies offering devices that let children play with them in a safe way that parents can control. Kurio is the latest to offer such a device, and it promises to give parents more control than they can get from similar devices. Read More >>

This Could Be Google’s First Homegrown Chrome OS Tablet

Thanks to the seemingly endless number of Pixel 3 leaks, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the kind of phones Google will probably launch on Google Day. However, info on other product announcements scheduled for Google Day are still a little sparse, which is why these pics that appear to show Google’s new Chrome OS tablet are so interesting. Read More >>

Code Discovered in iOS 12.1 Beta Suggests Apple’s iPad Event Is Coming Very Soon

As exciting as three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch with a built-in ECG may (or may not) have been for you, there were a lot of updates for other Apple products that we expected to see last week, but didn’t get. Read More >>

Amazon is Bringing Show Mode to the UK, Turning Your Fire Tablet Into an Echo Show

Over the past few days there has been some speculation that Amazon has a second generation Echo Show on the way, because the item is currently out of stock on the UK site. Bit of an odd way to generate rumours, but hey. That hasn't happened, but Amazon has revealed that it's bringing Show Mode, and the Show Mode Charging Dock to the UK. That's basically the next best thing. Read More >>

It’s Time to Give Up on the iPad Mini

Today, Bloomberg posted an updated story on what to expect from the upcoming (though still officially unannounced) autumn Apple event. And while many things, like the announcement of three new iPhones with 5.8-, 6.1-, and 6.5-inch screens and designs based on the iPhone X have long been rumoured, there was another titbit that piqued my interest: Once again, it seems, the iPad Mini is missing. Read More >>

How Two Big Things Stopped the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 From Winning Me Over

After checking it out briefly when it first announced, I was prepared to hate the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Sporting outdated specs similar to last year’s Galaxy Note 8 (except with 2GB less of RAM and worse cameras), no fingerprint reader, and a price tag of £600 (and that’s not including its keyboard dock), the Tab S4's underlying components just didn’t make sense. And for all that, what was Samsung offering in return? A slightly larger screen with slightly smaller bezels and Samsung’s Dex software instead of Chrome OS? Read More >>

Samsung’s Latest Tablet is Trying to Out Pro the iPad

Tablets are in a tough spot nowadays. Do you go cheap and just push out something that’s essentially a big phone, or do you up the price and go for extra functionality like stylus and keyboard support? Over the past few years, Samsung has tried to make the most of Android by making tablets that were closer to convertible laptops than standard slates. And for 2018, Samsung is going even bigger with the upcoming Galaxy Tab S4. Read More >>

What Could Samsung Do to Make the Next Galaxy Tab More Exciting?

After launching last year at MWC 2017, Samsung’s current flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3, is starting to feel a little outdated. So naturally, rumours have begun leaking out about Samsung’s upcoming refresh, with the most recent leaks even showing off purported renders of the Tab S4's final design. Read More >>

Convicted ‘Free Tablet’ Fraudster Ordered to Pay Up £2.1 Million to Victims

New York officials announced the conviction and sentencing of Nevada-based Sungame Corporation and its CEO Neil Chandran for grand larceny and securities fraud, saying the fraudsters would be forced to pay up £2.1 million to redress hundreds of people the company scammed with promises of free 3D tablets or go to jail. Chandran, who was previously barred from trading by the Alberta Securities Commission in 2015, will also be barred from doing so in New York state. Read More >>

Amazon’s ‘Show Mode’ Basically Turns Your Fire HD Tablet Into an Echo Show

Back when Amazon announced the Echo Show, the first thought that crossed my mind was whether this was a worthwhile purchase - and whether you could get the same sort of thing by hooking an Echo to a Fire Tablet. I had that same thought when Amazon rolled out Alexa to cheaper Fire tablets earlier this year, and now the lines are even more blurred with the launch of 'Show Mode'. Read More >>