Microsoft and Huawei Both Announce Computers On The Same Day

Microsoft has announced the new Surface Pro, although surprises are a little thin on the ground after some comprehensive leaked. However, the key points are pretty exciting. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Might Fix Its Loudest Problem

Microsoft held a big Surface event in Shanghai this morning. While the event was basically impossible to watch in the west, with a broken liveblog and zero English livestreams, savvy viewers (and those fluent in Chinese) might have caught the big news: There’s a new Surface Pro. It’s been more than sixteen months since Microsoft’s landmark tablet-laptop hybrid saw an update. In the intervening time, Microsoft has seen a lot of competitors attempt to encroach on the 2-1 device space. While some of those clones have been aesthetically delightful, few have approached the slick combination of design and quality the Surface Pro delivers. So a refresh is welcome, and this year’s devices could fix some of the Surface Pro’s most annoying problems. Read More >>

Europe Escapes US Flights Laptop Ban

The tiny handful of people that still like the idea of going to America are in luck, as US and European officials have negotiated a way to stop us from being banned from taking anything larger than a smartphone into aeroplane cabins. Read More >>

Amazon’s Announced Two New Fire Tablets, and Alexa is Coming Along for the Ride

Amazon's been doing really well at this whole 'budget tablet' thing in recent years, so it's no surprise that it just announced two more. Better still, If you were hoping to get your hands on Amazon's Alexa without having to pay for a glorified speaker, you're in luck. The new tablets also come with Alexa built in. Read More >>

8 Apps That Actually Make the Most of an Android Tablet

So you’ve picked up a brand new Galaxy Tab S3 or any other Android tablet and your first thought is: how am I going to make the most of this extra screen space? The general consensus is that iOS is stronger in the tablet department, but there are Android apps out there that work particularly well on a bigger screen held horizontally. There are just very few apps. Read More >>

Samsung’s New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic

Coming a year after the launch of Apple’s first 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the new iteration from Samsung feels daring. While it has the same sleek lines, is just as light, and possesses the magnetic connection on one side for easy keyboard cover attachment, Samsung’s iPad Pro for 2017 is, inexplicably called the Galaxy Tab S3, and unlike previous iPads this one runs on Android. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Book: More Surface Pro Than Surface Book

Samsung just revealed its second tablet of the day, the Samsung Galaxy Book. At first we assumed this would be a hybrid laptop, similar to the Surface Book. Instead we're getting something more like the Surface Pro - a tablet that attaches to a keyboard case rather than a proper keyboard dock. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 First Impressions: A True iPad Pro Rival

Exploding phone debacle aside, Samsung's been on a bit of winning streak of late. It might sound daft given the magnitude of that issue, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still the best phone money can buy, with it following further smartphone success and the arrival of one of the nicest smartwatches going - the Samsung Gear S3. Read More >>

The New EE Robin Comes With its Own Dorky Carry Handle

EE’s done another cheap tablet it expects you to trust your clumsy kids not to break. Read More >>

We Were Wrong About Limiting Children’s Screen Time

How much time should kids be allowed to stare into their screens like zombies? New guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics upturns conventional thinking on the matter, showing that a sweeping one-size-fits-all approach is not the right way for parents to go about limiting their children’s screen time. Read More >>

Instagram Continues to Ignore iPad Users, Comes to Windows Tablets Instead

Instagram is now available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. This is the first time Instagram has released a tablet-optimised version of its app. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next Phone Display Could Have Hydrophobic Glass

These days smartphones are used so frequently, they need to be quite rugged devices. We already have phones with waterproofing, glass designed to withstand drops and scratches, but Samsung seems to be taking it one step further. Read More >>

Possible Huawei Nexus 7 Specs Hint at Return to Greatness for Google Tablets

New rumours concerning Huawei's apparent building of a refreshed Nexus 7 for its same-niche partner Google have come to light, suggesting that it'll be arriving with tech considered quite high for 2016; including Qualcomm's top-end Snapdragon 820 as featured in most of 2016's Android mobile powerhouses. Read More >>

Nexus 7 Re-Reloaded Could Arrive Before Year’s End

God bless the Nexus 7. Google’s much-loved 7-incher looks set to be revamped once more, with tech tipster Evan Blass reporting that a third iteration of the tablet is in the works. Read More >>

Tech Hasn’t Killed Books Yet

For those unfamiliar, books are a collection of words that form some sort of coherent narrative, printed on paper and bound together. These objects are very much alive and well, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, despite the fact that we live in an age where you can download the same information onto various pieces of technology. Wild. Read More >>