Another Tech Company Ignores Brexit And Opens Shop In The UK

Smart home company Tado announced today that, like Snapchat, it's ignoring the spectre of Brexit and has opened a new office in the UK regardless. The Munich-based firm, who make the popular Tado smart thermostat, brought in directors from Philips Hue and Oracle to run the new London office, which will also include a smart home showroom. Read More >>

Tado Cooling Air-Con Controller Gets Apple HomeKit Support

Having hit its $150,000/£89,500 Kickstarter goal, the team behind the Tado Cooling smart air conditioning controller has just announced that its latest device will support Apple's new iOS 8 HomeKit feature. Apple's own Internet of Things standard, HomeKit support will allow the Tado Cooling system to seamlessly work with iDevices, without the need for a complicated set-up process. Read More >>