The Taliban’s Android App Didn’t Last Long on the Google Play Store

It’s back to the drawing board for the Taliban’s digital team. The group’s Android app Alemarah has been pulled from the Google Play Store just a day after launch, and nobody knows why. Just kidding. Though Google’s been keeping its lips sealed, it’s almost certain that the app violated a Google app policy prohibiting hate speech. Read More >>

The Taliban Mistakenly Outed Every Single Person on Its Mailing List

If you didn't already know that the Taliban had a mailing list, your mind is already blown. But here's a solid one-upper: the taliban spokesperson accidentally CC'd everyone on that list in an otherwise pedestrian email, outing some people who likely didn't want the world to know they were subscribers. Read More >>

Taliban Ringtones Are Saving Lives in Afghanistan

There's really no sense in buying ringtones anymore. That is, unless you're living in Afghanistan and need to convince threatful Taliban checkpoint guards you're not an insolent Coalition dog, but a Taliban sympathiser. Then your novelty ringtone might just save your life. Read More >>