The New Tamagotchi Can Marry and Breed

Twenty-two years after its initial release, and several years after countless revivals and re-releases, Tamagotchis have returned yet again with some interesting features like smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pets to marry someone else’s and have kids. Tamagotchi? More like Tamagotchu for 18 years. Read More >>

Tamagotchi is Back – And I Already Killed Mine

Just after 11 am on Saturday morning, I became the proud parent of my very first Tamagotchi, freshly hatched from its virtual egg. By yesterday afternoon it was dead; its passing a poignant reminder that the gadgets we adored as kids aren’t always as awesome 20 years later when we’re grownups. Read More >>

Tamagotchi 2014 Review: My Pocket Friend Left Me Before I Could Kill Him

Remember Tamagotchis? Of course you do. They taught you about responsibility. They taught you about friendship. But most importantly, they taught you that friends don't leave friends in rooms filled with their own faeces. Now, it's time to reopen those old, grief-stricken wounds. The Tamagotchi is back—and it is still hungry. Read More >>

Tamagotchi’s Back — Could You Keep One Alive?

I'll be honest, I was pretty terrible with pets as a kid. My fish ate each other. Dogs felt the need to maul me. Needless to say, my one attempt at looking after a needy little Tamagotchi saw the poor thing die in a fit of attention-seeking bleating at the bottom of my bag. There's a new, app-based Tamagotchi though -- do you reckon it'll be easier to look after? Read More >>

Tamagotchi Celebrates 15th Birthday and Is Still Available For Your Loving Embrace

You might remember those pesky virtual pet keychain things, which managed to successfully spawn out of Japan to populate the world, and annoy the hell out of parents everywhere. They were launched 15 years ago yesterday, November 23rd 1996. Read More >>