Burning Tampons and Nappies Will Soon Generate Power

A waste recycling company has hit upon a potentially useful thing to do with old sanitary products and nappies -- wringing them out (hopefully by machine), baling them up and burning them in power stations. Read More >>

This Bluetooth Tampon Is the Smartest Thing You Can Put In Your Vagina

Every single person with a vagina has had that horrifying moment: you look down, and there’s blood everywhere. It’s always annoying, it’s usually embarrassing, and more than half the time it happens in front of the entire student body. Read More >>

Ukip Targets Women’s Vote With Promise to End “Tampon Tax”

Ukip's had an idea about how to ditch some of its blokey image and get one or two women on its side -- promising to end the tax of women's sanitary things should it ever wangle its way into a position of power. Read More >>

Glow-in-The-Dark Tampons are Being Used to Fix Broken Sheffield Sewers

Our fair British Isles are in the midst of a water problem: thanks to bad plumbing and a groaning sewer system, 'grey water' — the stuff that comes out of your dishwashers and washing machines — is ending up in our rivers, bringing all sorts of contaminants with it. Hi-tech solutions exist to monitor the problem, but a much cheaper (and more amusing) option exists: tampons. Read More >>

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Seven Insane Ways To Get Drunk Without Drinking

Some people really enjoy the feeling of being drunk, but hate having to do all that pesky drinking. Maybe they don't want the calories. Maybe they don't like the taste. Maybe they're in a hurry, and the normal metabolic process is a waste of time. Regardless, the lengths to which some will go to get their swerve on provides a unique and truly chilling look at humanity. Read More >>

Woman Found Cocaine Hidden Inside Her Tampon

In a pleasant surprise (or scary discovery, depending on your perspective), Cindy Davidson found something weird about the tampons she recently bought: they were laced with cocaine. Specifically, a bunch of cocaine was put in the tampon's applicator so it could be smuggled around. Read More >>