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It Takes Five Obscenely Complicated Minutes for This Machine to Dispense a Single Piece of Tape

When it comes to Rube Goldberg machines, if you have to ask why, you’ll probably never understand the joy of building impossibly complex machines to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Need a piece of tape? This machine takes almost five minutes to do nothing but dispense a sticky strip. Read More >>

How to Securely Send Snail Mail the CIA Way

Today, tech nerds are obsessed with high-tech encryption. But if you ever send snail mail, you might want to take a tip from America’s intelligence community. The CIA sends out letters that are secured with a specific type of tamper-proof tape—think of it like low-tech encryption—and we now know exactly what kind the CIA uses. Read More >>

Eminem’s Re-Releasing The Slim Shady LP On Cassette

Are you ready to party like it's [find out what year this came out in on Wikipedia]? Great. Then you'll be needing the reissued copy of Eminem's The Slim Shady LP, which has, for some reason, been put back out again on cassette tape format. Read More >>

You Can Climb Through This Web Made From 27 Miles of Tape

12 people and ten days: That's how long the artist collective Numen / For Use says it took to create a cellotape jungle gym inside this gallery in Paris, where visitors can crawl inside their milky, transparent network like spiders on a web. How much tape did they use? Almost 30 miles. Read More >>

Striped Electrical Tape Makes it Easy to Find the Starting Edge

How many laps of a roll of tape do you usually need to find the starting edge with your fingernail? Three? Four? You won't even need fingernails with with this clever roll of electrical tape that features a wavy double-stripe pattern making the starting edge impossible to miss—all you need to do is spot the break in the stripes. Read More >>

Watch Magnetic Tape Fall Like Water in This Hypnotic Video

Japanese artist Ei Wada, who was born in 1987, belongs to a generation that spent middle school feverishly poring over cassettes to make mix tapes—until, of course, they were quickly outmoded by CDs, and then MP3s. Now, Ei makes art using the outmoded technologies he grew up with. Read More >>

Researchers Create Re-Usable Tape Inspired by Geckos

If there's one animal that's inspired endless scientific research—it's the gecko. The lizard's ability to seemingly defy gravity and walk on walls has resulted in robots that can repair spaceships in flight, and now maybe even self-cleaning reusable sticky tape. Read More >>

Iran’s Suicide Combat Drone is Held Together With Packing Tape

While Iran's been busy bragging about mass-producing the American ScanEagle drone that crash landed there last year—and giving the Russians a copy—some less than intimidating footage is trickling out of Tehran. It looks like Iran's newest drones are pretty rickety. Read More >>

A One Kilo Cast Iron Tape Dispenser Guarantees One-Handed Operation

Any task requiring the use of clear tape would be a lot easier if you could snatch a strip of the sticky stuff with just one hand. And while there have been many complicated contraptions that promise exactly that functionality, Black+Blum have found a simpler approach that takes advantage of that perpetual force known as gravity. Read More >>

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How Many Strips of Sellotape Do You Need To Lift a Car?

So you've got yourself a car that needs lifting, and have secured an industrial crane for the job, but did you also remember to get a giant harness for the lift? Probably not. Don't worry, though, as long as you can scrounge a few rolls of sellotape, you're good to go. Read More >>

Who’d Have Thought You’d Ever Lust After a Tape Dispenser?

It's not often something as mundane as a tape dispenser is worth a second glance. But then again, most of the office supplies on your desk weren't created by one of Alessi's talented designers. The Filo is as minimal as tape dispensers can get, and that's what makes it beautiful. Read More >>

The Future of Data Storage Is… Cassette Tape?

While the future of storage on your laptop is undoubtedly solid state, it's more difficult to predict how the huge tranches of data in server farms will be housed in the future. Recent suggestions, though, predict the rebirth of an old technology: the humble cassette tape. Read More >>

Putting Duct Tape Over a Person’s Mouth Does Absolutely Nothing

Here's a video that'll shatter many a Hollywood movies: putting duct tape over somebody's mouth doesn't stop them from screaming, it doesn't make them stop talking and it definitely doesn't keep them quiet. In fact, putting duct tape over somebody's mouth does... absolutely nothing. Read More >>

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NASA Needs This Fantastic Spationery in Its Gift Shop

Since it's totally pre-occupied with its latest rover roaming the surface of Mars, we figured we'd give NASA a hand, specifically when it comes to restocking its gift shop. Unfortunately, South Korean designer Jeongmi Lee's lovely space-themed Spacionery office accessories don't exist yet. But NASA put a man on the moon and a robot on Mars—it can certainly make this happen. Read More >>