Thousands Complain About the Misselling of Solar Panels

The Financial Ombudsman Service is sitting on a vast backlog of complaints about underperforming solar installations, with around 2,000 UK citizens staring at their electricity statements and wondering what happened to all the free money they had been led to expect would come from sticking panels on and around their homes. Read More >>

Three 4G
Three UK Price Hike Undermines Free 4G Roll-Out

Three UK neatly positioned itself as the network of choice for mobile web users, offering reasonably-priced unlimited data packages and promising free 4G upgrades for all customers with compatible handsets. But with contract prices now confirmed to be rising, have 4G costs slipped in through the back door? Read More >>

O2 Upping Monthly Contract Bills by 3 Per Cent and You Can’t Complain or Quit

Network O2 has decided it's time to start whacking up its monthly contract costs, with the UK mobile provider adding 3.2 per cent to all monthly tariffs from next February. Regardless of what you signed up for. Read More >>

Idiots Ask Ad Standards Body if “Forever” Actually Means “Forever”

A T-Mobile advert claiming to offer users "unlimited free texts forever" has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, after two people queried the existential issue of whether something can really be proven to last "forever." Read More >>

Network Three Slapped Over Misleading iPhone 4 Google Ads

Mobile network Three is this week's tech representative on the Advertising Standards Authority's naughty step, after it was found to be buying misleading Google ads to help sell iPhone 4 contracts. Read More >>

O2 Goes On & On With New Unlimited Mobile SIM Deal

O2's launched a new mobile contract option its calling On & On, which gives new and existing users an unlimited number of calling minutes and texts, plus the chance to use the data part of the bundle when tethering another gadget. Read More >>

Phones 4U JUMPs at Letting You Upgrade Every Six Months

Phones 4U has launched a new contract it's calling JUMP or Just Upgrade My Phone. The idea is to separate your calling plan from your subsidised phone, giving you one monthly price for each -- and letting you upgrade the handset every six months. Read More >>

T-Mobile Launches ‘Full Monty’ Plan With Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data

T-Mobile has launched a new calling and data plan it's calling The Full Monty, which it claims is the first in the UK to remove all restrictions and fair use monitoring from mobile data, calling minutes and SMS messages. Read More >>

How Much Is an iPhone 4S Going to Hurt My Wallet?

iPhone 4S pre-orders and prices are trickling in for most of the UK networks so it's that time again -- trawl through the networks, compare the costs, do the calculations and finally, hopefully, discover that yes, your pay-cheque will cover it. Read More >>