The Masses Finally Appreciate Modern Art

London's Tate Modern has become the UK's most popular day-out attraction, beating the British Museum for the first time. It'll be all them Banksys popping up all over the place, innit? Read More >>

People Who Live in Glass Houses Near the Tate Modern Told to Stop Complaining and Wear Trousers

London's Tate Modern gallery has been told it may carry on letting visitors hang around its roof platforms and view the inner lives of neighbours, after a judge agreed that people who buy houses with massive floor-to-ceiling windows ought not to complain about people being able to see in. Read More >>

Flat Owners Try to Block Tate Modern’s Viewing Platform

Five people living in the Neo Bankside development in London are taking the Tate Modern gallery to court, in an attempt to stop tourists and locals hanging around on the viewing platform and gawping in through the large glass windows of their modern flats. Read More >>

Tate Modern’s Switch Gallery and Concrete Tanks Open for Business on Friday

London's Tate Modern is about to expand into an all-new building, with the Switch House -- a wonky but engaging highrise lump built behind the existing Thameside gallery site -- opening to the public this Friday. Read More >>

Who on Earth is David Hockney?

Tate Britain has announced a plan to stage its largest and most complete retrospective of David Hockney's  work in 2017, with works old and new filling the gallery next year, from his 1961 student work right through to things he's still working on today. Read More >>

Homeless Man Enjoys Arty Overnight Lock-in at Tate Britain

A homeless man who fell asleep in a toilet at Tate Britain awoke to find himself locked inside the empty gallery, after security guards failed to check the cubicles for snoring. Read More >>

Tate Britain’s Robot Art Tours Start Tonight

The Tate Britain's innovative plan to let robots with cameras give us a tour of the gallery live, at night, when everyone's gone home, launches tonight. We can do some art-looking from bed on our tablets between 10:00pm and 3:00am and are able to poke around from afar for the next five nights. [After Dark via Huffington Post] Read More >>

Take a Tour of the Tate Britain at Night Through the Eyes of a Robot

Unless you're the night watchman, there are scant few opportunities to explore the Tate Britain gallery after it's closed for the night to the general public. A new project will let you do the next-best thing though: Guide a robot around the gallery in your place. Actually, maybe that is the best thing. Read More >>

Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall Pays Tribute to Photography Film

The ever-changing Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern has been taken over by artist Tacita Dean, who's used it as a platform to pay last respects to "this beautiful medium, which we invented 125 years ago." Read More >>