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37 Tattoos That Prove We’re All Obsessed With Baby Yoda

People are absolutely obsessed with Baby Yoda. And it’s easy to see why. Baby Yoda is so adorable we just want to squeeze his little face and protect him forever. Fans are so obsessed that they’re already getting Baby Yoda tattoos, even before the first season of the series has finished. Read More >>

Police Force Removes Ban on Displaying Tattoos

West Yorkshire Police has lost a long battle to allow its staff to display their inked-on arm sleeve tattoos while on the job, with the federation that represents staff winning the right for officers to display their anchors, hearts, sexy ladies, Chinese lettering for curry sauce or whatever else they may have up their arms while working. Read More >>

Guy With Jar Jar Binks Back Tattoo: ‘I Have Had Sex (Multiple Times)’

Michael Ouellette has a lot of Star Wars tattoos. The 42-year-old has a full sleeve of Darth Vader on his left arm and a full sleeve of Luke Skywalker on his right. But Ouellette’s most curious tattoo is the one of Jar Jar Binks that covers his entire back. And whatever you think of his tattoo, Ouellette would like people to know something important: he says that he’s had sex. Multiple times. Read More >>

game of thrones
Now TV is Doing Free Game of Thrones Tattoos

We reckon this is going to be a popular one. Read More >>

2,000-Year-Old Tattoo Tool Found in an American Storage Closet

A 2,000-year-old wooden implement with black-tipped cactus spines is now the oldest example of a tattoo tool in western North America, a discovery that’s shedding important new light on this ancient practice. Incredibly, the relic might have never been discovered had it not been for an inventory check. Read More >>

A Woman’s New Tattoo Led to Three Years of Chronic Pain, Doctors Say

There are plenty of bad (and cool!) tattoos out there, but few might ever be as regrettable as the one that apparently caused an immune disorder and years of chronic pain in a UK woman. The bizarre medical tale, detailed by her doctors Monday in BMJ Case Reports, is apparently the first recorded instance of such a thing ever happening. Read More >>

This Tattoo Only Becomes Visible When It Detects Early Signs of Disease

In the future, tattoos may no longer be mere decorative statements for the body, but useful biomedical devices that can alert us when something’s not quite right. Read More >>

Why Tattoos Last Forever, Even as Your Skin Cells Die

Your skin cells are constantly regenerating, so how is it that a tattoo can last for decades? Read More >>

5,000-Year-Old Mummy Is Earliest Known Tattooed Woman

A new analysis of two ancient Egyptian mummies has uncovered the earliest known examples of “figural” tattoos on human beings—that is, tattoos that are meant to represent a real things, rather than abstract symbols. What’s more, at around 5,000 years old, it’s the earliest evidence of tattoos on a woman. Read More >>

This Temporary Tattoo Is Made From Living Cells

It’s a little more high-tech than the tattoos you might remember from your school days. Read More >>

Man Who Got the Same Neuter Tattoo as His Dog Doesn’t Care About the Haters

Chris Mendiola loves his dog Bear so much, he decided to get the same tattoo the dog bore when Chris adopted him six years ago. When he shared his mark of devotion with the internet, he knew he’d get some heat, but he had no idea just how far the images would go. Read More >>

World’s Greatest Trucker Tattoo Makes This Guy Look Like a Tiny Person Driving Another Human

If you’re going to endure all the pain and discomfort of getting a tattoo, you might as well ensure you’re getting inked with a memorable design. Truck driver Kenny Ollerenshaw raised the bar with a tattoo that makes him look like a tiny pilot controlling a humanoid robot. Read More >>

This Guy’s Tattoos Come to Life When He Spins Around

If you’re going to endure all the pain of getting a tattoo, you probably want to ensure that whatever’s being permanently etched on your body is unique and original. So instead of a heart with a dagger through it, why not get a series of animated figures that turn you into a living zoetrope? Read More >>

Tattoos Are Pizza Hut’s Latest Silly Thing

Pizza Hut has done a silly thing again to win the favour of the silly people on the internet. The ones who aren’t Italian, anyway. Read More >>