Researchers See Drive Distance Pricing as Way of Filling Electric Cars’ Fuel Duty Hole

The Institute for Fiscal Studies may sound like it's the government but it isn't, so don't worry too much if you're thinking about making a cheap Hyundai electric car your next car. The IFS does, however, carry some clout, so its idea that future taxation of road use should cover "distance driven" is hitting the desks of people important enough to make it happen. They could pass this idea off as their own 2019 general election policy, and also 2020 and 2021's general election policy too. Hey, it's like James O'Malley never left. Read More >>

Government Plans Tax Attack on Home Solar Installs

The tax enforcers at the HMRC are proposing a massive increase in the tax payable when purchasing a home solar and battery combo, with the existing 5 per cent VAT rate possibly rising to 20 per cent in the near future. Read More >>

G20 Countries Agree on Approach to Shut Down Big Tech’s Tax Loopholes

The group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Fukuoka, Japan reached a tentative agreement on Saturday to “compile common rules to close loopholes used by global tech giants” such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, Reuters reported—with a particular focus on reducing the practice by some companies of routing profits through countries that offer rock-bottom corporate tax rates, like Ireland and Luxembourg. Read More >>

Ebikes to Join Cycle to Work Scheme

The government has rejigged the rules covering the employer-backed Cycle to Work scheme, which lets users borrow the cost of a new bike then pay it back gradually out of their wages before any tax is paid, making it a tax efficient way of buying your dream new bicycle. As long as you have a job to pretend to ride to. Read More >>

Bankrupt Airline Bailout Tax Could Add 50p to a Flight Ticket

The nation could face a small new tax on the cost of flying overseas soon, with a review of the conditions of flight saying that a fee of around 50p per plane ticket should go into an emergency pool of money to get stranded passengers home should their airline go bust. Read More >>

Tax Office Told to Delete 5m Voice ID Recordings

HMRC is in trouble with the ICO for failing to gain adequate permission from its customers before signing them up to voice-recognition systems -- so it's been told to delete around five million data files. It will at least free up quite a bit of the national hard drive space. Read More >>

Porsche Drivers are the Most Likely Members of the Super Rich to Forget to Pay Their Car Tax

The DVLA has released some list-feature-friendly data on the types of cars that its enforcers have been having a laugh clamping for not having valid taxes, revealing the bizarre fact that Porsche owners are by far the most likely among "prestige" car drivers to have unfortunately forgotten to pay their road tax. Read More >>

MPs Warn High Street is Coming Like a Ghost Town

A group of MPs who submit expenses for attending meetings under the brand of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee have warned again on the state of the UK high street, and have, yet again, said what we really need is more in online sales taxes to hit the digital sellers and reinvest the takings in rates cuts for bricks & mortar trades. Read More >>

MPs Call for 1p New Trousers Tax

Those new trousers people buy that have holes in the knees on purpose should be taxed a bit more, says a group of MPs, which would like a 1p-per-item charge added to the sales price of all new clothes to pay for the old ones that have the wrong sort of unfashionable holes in them, or just aren't stylish enough to wear any more, to be recycled. Read More >>

Top Doctor Says Subsidise Fruit & Veg With Unhealthy Food Tax

One of those so-called experts has weighed in again with some advice on how we're supposed to live our lives, calling for much more in the way of taxes on unhealthy foods -- and suggesting that these revenues could be used to subsidise better choices in one dream vision of a healthier UK by the year 2040. Read More >>

Smart EV Chargers Could be Used to Tax Future Electric Car Owners

The next generation of smart electric car chargers come with the ability to throttle charging rates to alleviate potential bottlenecks in local areas, but there's one additional tool within the chargers that could herald a future in which EV drivers are taxed for their power. Read More >>

Then They Came for the Little Plastic Windows on Sandwich Packaging

The little plastic window on the sandwich pack that reassures you the person in the factory remembered to put the ingredients in is the latest target in the war on all things plastic, as the government is said to be planning a 15p levy on food manufacturers that sell sandwiches in hybrid cardboard/plastic packaging in order to close the little plastic windows – PERMANENTLY. Read More >>

Government Plans £400m Tax Raid on Tech Giants

Yesterday's budget did indeed contain measures designed to increase the tax bills of the transatlantic tech giants, with the chancellor outlining a plan to make as much as £400m a year from the introduction of the UK Digital Services Tax in 2020. Read More >>

Facebook’s UK Tax Bill Just Rose to £15.7 Million

There's always a lot of outrage whenever it's revealed how much tax big companies are paying, generally because it looks as though they're paying an absolute pittance when compared to the rest of their income. Well for those who feel it's incredibly unfair they can seemingly get away with not paying very much, there's good news. Facebook's tax bill just rose to £15.7 million, which is triple what it had to pay the previous year. Read More >>

Ireland Not Keen on Cashing Apple’s £12bn Tax Cheque

Apple has paid the massive back tax pile the EU said it owed Ireland over alleged state aid violations, but instead of blowing the money on loads of skyscrapers, high-speed train networks, bridges and tunnels and installing big wheels in every town and city across the nation, Irish politicians are keeping the money safe and untouched in an account. And trying to be allowed to give it back. Read More >>