Despite a Profit Increase, Amazon UK’s Tax Bill Dropped to £4.6 Million

Last year Amazon Services UK generated a £48 million profit and paid a measly £7.4 million in tax, which pissed off a lot of people. Those people are going to be furious this year, because the company was handed a tax bill of £4.6 million - despite profits rising to £80 million. That said it's only having to pay £1.7 million, with £2.9 million being deferred until a later date. Read More >>

Netflix Joins “Tax-Efficient” Tech Elite With UK Bill of £0

Netflix has truly joined the ranks of the transglobal superjumbo tech titans, as it's gone down the road of complex offshore taxation shenanigans to ensure a UK corporation tax bill of... zero. Not only that, but it somehow wangled a rebate from the government of around £174,000. Maybe that was a thank-you for keeping all the youths inside and sedated in front of their screens? Read More >>

The Government’s Thinking About Including Milkshakes in the Sugar Tax

Today is the day that the government's sugar tax goes into effect, increasing the price of any drink that includes more than five grams of added sugar per 100ml. Currently this doesn't affect natural sugar in fruit juice (because it wasn't added later) or drinks that are milk-based due to the high calcium content. That might change, though, with the government warning milkshakes might be thrown into the mix. Read More >>

Government Plans New Tax to Catch the Internet Giants

The offshore titans that rinse the UK population for all of its money then book it through Luxembourg, Ireland, Laos or the International Space Station or whatever they do, might be about to trigger a reworking of the tax laws specifically to stop the annual outrage at how little corporation tax these firms pay. Read More >>

Blue Planet II Fuels Reusable Coffee Cup Guilt-Buying Spree

Frontline consumer bellwether Argos claims to have spotted a hot new trend emerging from the chaos of Christmas 2017, with sales of one particularly bearably designed disposable coffee cup rocketing by 537 per cent over recent weeks. Read More >>

Apple Asked to Pay £136m More in UK Tax

What's been described as an "extensive audit" of Apple's tortuous business arrangements carried out by the HMRC has raised its UK tax bill, with the maker of those telephones everyone's always on about handed a tax demand for an additional £136m as a result of the investigation. Read More >>

Car Tax Clampings Rocket Because People Still Don’t Understand

The number of people caught driving without having paid their Vehicle Excise Duty has exploded upwards, as it appears that after years of relying on a round bit of paper the transition to digital taxation has left car buyers baffled. Read More >>

EU Takes Ireland to Court Over Unpaid €13bn State Aid Bill

Apple hasn't paid Ireland the vast amount of tax it was deemed to owe as the result of a competition investigation into how it handles its European tax affairs, so the European Commission is launching legal proceedings in the European Court of Justice to force Ireland to recover the bill. Read More >>

Now the EU is Going After Amazon for Back Taxes [Updated]

[Update]: The EU has ordered Amazon to pay €250 million (£221 million) in back taxes after the EU determined three quarters of the company's taxes had not been taxed. According to European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager Luxembourg had allowed the retailer to pay "substantially less tax" than other businesses. Such deals are illegal under EU law. Read More >>

Booksellers Demand Tax Changes to Thwart Amazon

Amazon's latest tax return created its usual amount of controversy, with everyone suddenly an expert in international taxation laws and thinking it a bit odd that a company so big can somehow end up paying what appears to be such a small tax tab in the process. Read More >>

Amazon UK’s Tax Bill Was Only £7.4 Million Last Year

Get ready to put on your angry hat and start ranting about a company that you'll never stop doing business with, because it's been revealed that Amazon UK's 2016 tax bill was a mere £7.4 million. That's 50% lower than the £15.8 million it paid the previous year. Read More >>

Plastic Straws are the “Ultimate in Wastefulness” and Should be Taxed to Death

The little plastic drinking straws that are the highlight of any trip to a pub or restaurant for a child are EVIL, it turns out, and should be taxed out of existence due to the fact that they're tough to recycle and are the sort of fiddly little thing it hardly seems worth recycling anyway, so off to the landfill site for the next million years they go. Read More >>

Campaigners Want the Sugar Tax on Sweets as Well

Campaigners are already demanding that the Sugar Tax that's about to be added to overly sweet soft drinks should be expanded, with anti-sugar lobbyists suggesting that adding the levy to all confectionary and forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar or raise costs should be next. Read More >>

It’ll Probably Always be a Man Delivering Your Stuff

A survey of people who work in the vague world of the "gig economy" has found the work is massively tilted toward being a MAN JOB in some areas, with delivery drivers and cyclists most likely to be men -- and women sticking to selling services and products from home. Read More >>

We Should Pay by the Mile to Drive Our Future Whizzy Cars

People with calculators thinking of ways to keep the road network financed when we're all driving things that don't require vehicle tax to be paid have had an idea; charge people by the mile. Bin the current system entirely and make people pay vehicle duties when they actually do some driving. Read More >>