Plastic Straws are the “Ultimate in Wastefulness” and Should be Taxed to Death

The little plastic drinking straws that are the highlight of any trip to a pub or restaurant for a child are EVIL, it turns out, and should be taxed out of existence due to the fact that they're tough to recycle and are the sort of fiddly little thing it hardly seems worth recycling anyway, so off to the landfill site for the next million years they go. Read More >>

Campaigners Want the Sugar Tax on Sweets as Well

Campaigners are already demanding that the Sugar Tax that's about to be added to overly sweet soft drinks should be expanded, with anti-sugar lobbyists suggesting that adding the levy to all confectionary and forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar or raise costs should be next. Read More >>

It’ll Probably Always be a Man Delivering Your Stuff

A survey of people who work in the vague world of the "gig economy" has found the work is massively tilted toward being a MAN JOB in some areas, with delivery drivers and cyclists most likely to be men -- and women sticking to selling services and products from home. Read More >>

We Should Pay by the Mile to Drive Our Future Whizzy Cars

People with calculators thinking of ways to keep the road network financed when we're all driving things that don't require vehicle tax to be paid have had an idea; charge people by the mile. Bin the current system entirely and make people pay vehicle duties when they actually do some driving. Read More >>

Government May Expand Congestion Charge to Everywhere Stinky

The government is keen on having some of the same riches that London hoovers up via its congestion charge scheme, and is considering introducing the idea of forcing commercial drivers and some car owners to pay to drive through the middle bits of towns and cities to 35 locations across the country. Read More >>

London’s £10 Banger Tax Arrives in October

London's pressing ahead with plans to introduce its "Toxicity Charge" later this year, with the scheme adding an extra £10 to the cost of driving some older models of car into the city from October 23. Read More >>

HMRC Told to Stop Cosying up to the Super Rich

A group of MPs operating as part of the public accounts committee has had a good old look at how HMRC handles the bloated tax affairs of the super rich, and has come up with a list of ways the national tax collector needs to toughen up. Read More >>

One Third of the “Super-Rich” are Being Investigated for Tax Fiddling

The National Audit Office has released a collection of data covering the tax affairs of the super-rich in the UK, saying that around one third of all people in the richest of the rich category are being investigated by the tax department in some way or another due to the complicated tax worlds they live in. Read More >>

Facebook Still Liking the UK’s Soft Tax Regime

The Facebook accountants have been working their magic around the fringes of UK tax law again, with the biggest internet thing in the entire world somehow ending up with a tax credit of £11m for the last year -- a windfall that can be used to offset any taxes in the future, should it ever actually declare anything taxable. Read More >>

How an IBM Typewriter and Snail Mail Lead to the Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

In a fine example of vintage journalism, New York Times reporter Susan Craig landed a scoop that every newshound in the world wanted—a copy of Donald Trump’s tax returns. For that, we have old fashioned mail and an IBM Selectric typewriter to thank. Read More >>

Wales Prepares to Go it Alone on Taxes for the First Time in 800 Years

The Welsh Assembly is making its poor members read a 220-page document all about property tax, as Welsh authorities push ahead with a plan to ditch stamp duty on property sales and replace it with a new tax. A tax that'll stay in Wales and become part of their budget to do with as they please. Read More >>

Tim Cooks Says Apple’s EU Tax Bill is “Maddening”

Apple's Tim Cook has been saying "OH YES PLEASE GIMME DAT GODDAMN PHONE" to media interview requests for once, taking any opportunity to have a go at the EU for branding it's bespoke tax deal with Ireland as a rule-breaking form of state aid. Read More >>

Police Stage Major Raid of Google’s Paris Offices Amid Tax Fraud Allegations

Google’s offices in Paris have been raided by the police over investigations relating to tax fraud. Read More >>

How Will the UK Tax Changes for 2016/2017 Affect You?

Today's the New Year's Day for people who work in banks, accountant firms and tax offices, as we tick over into the 2017 tax year and loads of new forms have come into being. Some rules have changed too, most notably the loophole that says being on the internet all day counts as a job. Here are the key changes that might make your finances turn out marginally different. Read More >>

Council Tax Rises Coming to Band D Houses

The average middle-of-the-road house in Wales will end up costing its residents an extra £47 a month from April of this year, as council tax rises kick in and everyone has to contribute a little bit more to help pay for the bins, schools, street lights, council IT departments and so on. Read More >>