Germany Orders All Petrol Stations to Fit EV Charge Points

Germany is having a big go at pushing adoption of all-electric cars, as it's about to require all normal liquid fuel stations to install EV chargers so the local equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson may no longer complain about range anxiety, and may instead focus full-time on penis anxiety instead. Read More >>

BBC Suggests Utility Bill Levy as Possible Licence Fee Replacement

The BBC is throwing ideas out there that address how it might survive should the licence fee get axed in the future, and one idea emerging as a front runner is the addition of a levy to an existing utility bill. Because some other countries fund their state broadcasters this way and it makes payment almost entirely inescapable. Read More >>

Wales Considers All the New Types of Vehicle Driving Taxes

The Welsh government could be about to tear up the rules covering vehicle taxation in the country, with a forthcoming consultation set to investigate if increased use of toll roads, workplace parking fees and even a possible pay-per-mile panacea could solve the problem of getting people to calm down on taking the SUV for a 0.6 mile trip to the shop. Read More >>

Airbnb is About to Be Scrutinised to Make Sure it’s Paying Enough Taxes

HM Revenue & Customs is going to give Airbnb UK a thorough going over after it paid just £200k on a turnover of £14m. Read More >>

Apple Says It Would Rather Not Pay £11.5 Billion in Back Taxes to the EU

The European Union has ordered Apple to pay roughly £11.5 billion (€13 billion) to cover back taxes the EU says is owed to Ireland. But Apple is putting up a fight and said the tax bill “defies reality and common sense” in a new statement to a European court this morning. Read More >>

Amazon May Finally Have to Start Paying Taxes (in France)

A newly unveiled French tax proposal targets American internet companies like Amazon, a company notorious for paying low taxes in the UK and elsewhere on massive annual profits. Read More >>

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Is Amazon Evil and Am I Evil for Using It?

1-Click ordering a massively discounted flat-screen TV, or seventy pounds of coarse-grained salt, it can be easy to forget, or temporarily repress, all those stories you’ve read about, say, working conditions in Amazon’s warehouses, or its propagation of the gig economy through contract labour. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Bottles Are Set to Get Smaller and More Expensive

Two words to invoke fear and outrage into any fan of sugary drinks: sugar tax. It's due to come into effect in April this year, and Coca-Cola has just revealed that its 1.75 litre bottles are going to shrink down to 1.5 litre... and cost 20p more. Read More >>

Bath Plans Tourist Tax on Overnight Stayers

Bath's council has come up with a plan to help pay for the costly maintenance of all those viaducts and baths and Roman things it has to continually patch up with the right kind of legacy mortar -- tax the tourists. Read More >>

Apple Begrudgingly Agrees to Pay Ireland Nearly £11 Billion in Back Taxes

Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook likes to talk a big game about how the tech industry should be more socially responsible while overseeing an international tax-avoidance regime that puts Scrooge McDuck’s gold-filled vault/swimming pool to shame, has agreed to repay Ireland over €12 billion (around £10.8 million) in unpaid taxes, the Wall Street Journal reported. Read More >>

Apple Defends Funnelling Money Into Jersey, Claims its Not Tax Avoidance

Apple was a big fan of Ireland, because Ireland let it get away with paying barely any tax. Then the EU found out and Apple got sent to the naughty step, even though its teams of lawyers are appealing to prove the naughty step is cruel and unjustified. Well the recently unveiled Paradise Papers revealed that it has another tax friend in the form of Jersey. Read More >>

Tim Cook Now Accepts That Apple Might Have to Pay Taxes in Countries Where Products Are Sold

It's no secret that Apple has been taking advantage of a lucrative system that lets it avoid paying a significant amount of tax, all thanks to Ireland. Tim Cook might have called the EU's decision to claim Apple's back tax "maddening" and "political crap", but after a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron, it sounds like he's changing his tune a bit. Read More >>

AirBnB Only Paid £188,000 in UK Tax Last year

In another instalment of 'big companies getting away with paying fuck all tax' it's been revealed that rental service AirBnB only paid £188,000 in corporation tax last year. That's £8,000 less than it paid in 2015, and despite the fact it collected over £657 million in rent payments. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Protests Tax By Giving Everyone Even Cheaper Food and Drink

Ah, J.D. Wetherspoon. Not exactly the hallmark of quality, but it is the one true home of the Cheap Night Out. Read More >>

Ireland Says the EU isn’t Justified Asking Apple for €13 Billion in Taxes

Corporations are people. That's what we get told. But unlike actual people they somehow manage to get away with paying what seems like a very small amount of tax. Actual people don't like this, even though the companies themselves furiously defend what appear to be obvious tax-avoidance schemes.  Apple is no different, though it seems to have an ally in the form of Ireland's finance minister. Read More >>