Wetherspoons Protests Tax By Giving Everyone Even Cheaper Food and Drink

Ah, J.D. Wetherspoon. Not exactly the hallmark of quality, but it is the one true home of the Cheap Night Out. Read More >>

Ireland Says the EU isn’t Justified Asking Apple for €13 Billion in Taxes

Corporations are people. That's what we get told. But unlike actual people they somehow manage to get away with paying what seems like a very small amount of tax. Actual people don't like this, even though the companies themselves furiously defend what appear to be obvious tax-avoidance schemes.  Apple is no different, though it seems to have an ally in the form of Ireland's finance minister. Read More >>

UK Barrister Sues Uber For £20m+ In Unpaid VAT

A UK tax barrister is suing Uber for tens of millions he says it owes in backdated VAT. Read More >>

Clamping For Unpaid Car Tax Skyrockets After Death of Paper Disc

Figures obtained by the BBC through a Freedom of Information request show that clamping for unpaid car tax has almost doubled since the paper tax disc was thrown on the scrapheap. Read More >>

Apple Hit With Record Penalty For Illegal Irish Tax Arrangement [Updated]

The big news today is that a mega-rich company that’s done its utmost to pay as little as possible in taxes will have to pay a perfectly manageable fine if it’s found to have done anything naughty. Read More >>

Apple’s 2015 UK Tax Bill Was the Equivalent of a Couple of Hours of Sales

A measly £12.9 million is what Apple is reported to have paid in UK corporation tax last year, despite Apple Retail UK Limited (which runs the Apple Stores) bringing in £1 billion in revenue. The company, of course, is technically doing nothing wrong, which proves that the world is a lovely place run by lovely people. Read More >>

Apple Security Guards Kicked Cupertino’s Mayor Out of Its HQ

Cupertino mayor Barry Chang is apparently not an Apple fanboy. In a fiery interview with The Guardian, Chang says he was kicked out of Apple HQ when he was a city councilman. He was hoping to have a meeting about the city’s growing traffic congestion to which Apple contributes considerably. He didn’t get one. Read More >>

Judge Dredd Comic 2000 AD Predicted the Budget Sugar Tax Years Ago

The sugar tax is officially on its way, which basically means that the sickly-sweet drinks we can't live without are going to hurt our wallets just as much as our bodies. However, the move should come as no surprise, and not just because of Jamie Oliver’s 'look-at-me' style of campaigning. Read More >>

Facebook Agrees to Pay Millions More in UK Tax After Widespread Criticism

Facebook, the multi-billion dollar company that paid just £4,327 in corporation tax in the UK in 2014, has agreed to alter its tax structure. Instead of routing all of its UK-generated advertising revenue through Ireland, the majority of it will be taxed in the UK. Read More >>

HMRC is Great at Taking Our Money, But Can’t be Bothered Chasing Tax Dodgers

The people that take your money are apparently frighteningly bad at their jobs. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) level of customer service has been described as ‘abysmal’ by the Public Accounts Committee, and is said to be only getting worse. Read More >>

Amazon Will Begin Paying Corporation Tax on UK Sales

Amazon has signalled that it's about to end some of its more controversial money-funneling tax-dodging schemes, with the internet sales giant saying it's about to book all UK sales in the UK -- opening it up to a potentially larger tax bill. Read More >>

Ukip Targets Women’s Vote With Promise to End “Tampon Tax”

Ukip's had an idea about how to ditch some of its blokey image and get one or two women on its side -- promising to end the tax of women's sanitary things should it ever wangle its way into a position of power. Read More >>

Government Cashes in With Double-Taxed Cars From Today

The new UK car tax system kicks in today, and motoring organisations say the government's going to pull in extra cash thanks to the way sellers of used cars can't get refunds for partial months of road tax. Read More >>