Clubcard Points for Uber Rides Rumour Could Trigger Cabbie Tesco Boycott

There's something new for taxi drivers to be angry about today, as reports suggest that Tesco might be about to do a deal with ride-enabling app Uber -- letting customers use clubcard points to pay for trips home with their newly acquired doughnuts and cheese. Read More >>

London’s Black Cabs Could Appear in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin

The famous mobile landmark that is the London black cab as built by the London Taxi Company could soon appear in other capital cities, with the automaker's Chinese owner currently pitching the vehicle to the kings and queens of several other major European population centres. Read More >>

Black Cab Clones Expected After Judge’s ‘Not Distinctive Enough’ Ruling

A court struggle over the launch of unofficial variants of London's black cabs has been decided in favour of those that want to create their own versions of the jellymould taxis, with a judge finding that the shape of the car's shell isn't distinctive enough to be trademarked. Read More >>

Uber Taxi App Hits Edinburgh This Afternoon, With Local Cabbies Welcoming the Competition

Less than a month after landing in Glasgow, Uber is hitting the Scottish capital today. The taxi app’s Edinburgh service goes live at 4pm this afternoon, and the company’s expecting it to prove very popular indeed. Read More >>

Police Have Raided Uber’s Parisian HQ

French police have raided the offices of Uber in Paris as the taxi service continues to operate in the city despite officials claiming that it breaks national laws. Read More >>

Heads Up, London: Wi-Fi Will Be Landing In Black Cabs for Your Gangnam-Style Streaming Pleasure

You know what I like to watch on the way to meetings? Awesome motivational videos like this. You know what sucks? Having to watch the buffering symbol on my phone instead. If, though, you take a black cab to meetings in London (you fat cat you), your troubles could soon be at an end, with the traditional black cab now set to moonlight as a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Bring. It. On. Read More >>

The Black Cab as We Know It, Might Be Dead

Bad news for London black cab aficionados -- the company that produces the iconic taxi has just gone into administration, meaning the classic curvy taxi we all know and love may not be long for this world. Read More >>

Nissan’s Ugly New London Super-Taxi Can’t Quite Beat the Old Black Cab

The future of the London "black cab" might be packed with technology, but it's not exactly a looker. Nissan's brand new, super efficient taxi, might look like a van, but it's got the backing of cabbies and the Mayor, plus it'll help cut the smog of the big smoke too. Read More >>

How Much Does It Take to Get a Cab From London to Sydney?

A trio of friends are set to arrive back in London soon after navigating the world in a 20-year-old black cab, complete with a mortgage-inducing fare of £80,000 for their London to Sydney journey. Read More >>