Museum Finds Real Human Skull in 150-Year-Old Taxidermy Display

For more than a century, the taxidermy diorama “Arab Courier Attacked by Lions” has stood in Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Depicting a man on camelback fending off Barbary lions, the bizarre display has intrigued—and repulsed—generations of visitors. Throughout all those years, however, the piece managed to keep a disturbing secret. Read More >>

How to Pull Off the Most Complex Taxidermy of all Time

Yesterday the American Museum of Natural History took the wraps off its newest main attraction: Lonesome George. Lonesome George, the world-famous giant tortoise native to the Galapagos, passed on in 2012 of natural causes. This set in motion the process to preserve George through the most complex and intricate taxidermy ever attempted—from a species of one. Read More >>

Creepy Taxidermied Animals Now Make Creepy Music Too

Adding to the bizarre uses of taxidermied animals, David Cranmer made this deceased badger even creepier by turning it into a functioning, and playable, theremin. He calles it the Badgermin, but I call it the source of my nightmares tonight. Read More >>

Behold the Horrors of Mutant Taxidermy

How far must we go for art? Judging by the work of taxidermist/artist Enrique Gomez de Molina, holy crap very far. For using a hodgepodge of endangered animals for his work, homeboy is facing five years in jail. Beat that, Picasso! Read More >>