International Uber Rival Launches in South Wales

There's a new alternative to Uber up and running in some of the more densely urbanised valleys of South Wales, with Indian cab-hailing app Ola now launched in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan. Read More >>

London Cabbies Plan £1bn Legal Attack on Uber

Sources close to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association – London's black cab driver union – claim the organisation is getting ready to hit the big time by launching a legal case against Uber to the tune of more than £1bn if successful. Read More >>

Aston Martin Says/Pretends it’s Developing a Posh Flying Super-EV Drone

British luxury car brand Aston Martin would like the world to think it's branching out into electric drones, and has to that end released a pile of pretty looking renders of a thing it calls the Volante Vision Concept -- an electric drone that the unimaginably rich people of the 2020s might begin to imagine having at their disposal to get from Waitrose to Costa without having to steer around your Corsa. Read More >>

Rolls Royce Joins List of Companies Pretending Flying Taxis Will Ever Exist

We thought Rolls Royce, maker of very important and complicated real things that lives depend upon, would know better than this, but no. It has decided to generate a bit of publicity for itself by telling serious flight industry enthusiasts at the Farnborough Airshow that it is developing a system that'll be used in flying taxis by the early 2020s. You're more likely to see sausages flying home from the supermarket using bacon as wings. Read More >>

Uber Regains Temporary License to Operate in London After Promising to Stop Being Terrible

Ride-sharing giant Uber, which lost its license to operate in its millions-strong London market in September 2017 amid a Transport for London (TfL) ruling the company was “not fit and proper to hold a private operator license,” has won at least a temporary reprieve in its battle against UK regulators. Read More >>

Brighton Joins Attacks on Uber and Refuses Licence Renewal

Hammered men on stag dos may soon have to find a new way of ordering a taxi to scrape them back to the Travelodge, as Brighton council has joined the war on Uber by refusing to renew the minicab firm's licence. Read More >>

The Knowledge Is Power: Meet The Electric Taxi Hoping To Bring London’s Cabbies Charging Into The 21st Century

It’s well known that London has a pollution problem. After just one month of this year, the capital had already smashed pollution limits on several of its busiest roads. Without action, we’re at risk of finding ourselves on the fast train to Beijing-like conditions, calling at smog, 40,000 early deaths and carbon central. Read More >>

Uber Manages to Dodge Ban in Egypt Over Taxi Driver Lawsuit, for Now

Ride hailing service Uber and competitor Careem will not be banned in Egypt after a court overturned a judicial decision to pull the companies’ licenses, allowing both companies to continue operations there for the time being. Read More >>

Uber Is Reportedly Going to Sell Its Southeast Asian Division to Competitor Grab

Sources say Uber is considering bailing on its Southeast Asia division, with plans to sell it to regional competitor Grab, CNBC reported on Friday. Read More >>

London’s First Electric Black Cab Hits the Streets

The first customer to take delivery of one of London's new electric taxis has been made a star of, with black cab maker LEVC taking photos and quotes to mark the historic day that Chingford's David Harris got his keys. Read More >>

Uber UK Forces its Drivers to Have a Little Rest

Uber sort of has and also sort of hasn't admitted some of its drivers are pushing themselves too hard in order to earn a decent wage, as the minicab business has begun restricting the number of consecutive hours its UK drivers can work. Read More >>

Londoners Could Spend an Extra £90 Million a Year if Uber’s Licence Appeal Fails, Say Tories

The case of Uber vs Transport for London isn't going to end anytime soon. It's going to drag on and on with appeals, and possibly even appeals to those appeals. Well there's a new development, with the London Assembly Tories claiming that Londoners could end up paying an extra £90 million every year (combined, not each) if Uber's licence isn't reinstated. Read More >>

Uber and TfL Schedule Awkward Chat for Next Week

"So Dara, thanks for, er, coming, and, well, it's still quite warm for October, isn't it? I nearly wore a coat this morning but I'm glad I didn't, although I was a bit cold to start off with, but I soon warmed up, that's the benefit of cycling to the office, isn't it? Gets the blood pumping! So anyway, about this massive global fuss. Oh yes, sorry, tea? We have some herbal bags somewhere, I know you tech types are all about the antioxidants as you think you're going to live forever, don't you? Sugar? Oh no, of course not. Silly me. Yes please, Margaret, three for me." Read More >>

Lyft UK Search Surge Following London Uber Ban

TfL has just ruled that Uber can no longer operate in London, stating that the company "is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence." That's obviously grave news for Uber, but rival company Lyft may reap the benefits. Or, they would if they actually operated in the UK. Lyft is currently only available in the US. Read More >>

New Uber Rival Taxify Suspends London Operations After Three Days

International ride-hailing provider Taxify has been forced to stop its operations in London, at the behest of TfL. And it only started taking bookings from the public on Tuesday. Read More >>