Lawsuit: Over 99% of Uber’s NYC Cars Inaccessible to People With Disabilities

Getting rid of CEO Travis Kalanick has apparently not magically resolved all of ride-hailing giant Uber’s many, many problems, with the company now facing a lawsuit in New York over its near-total lack of cars accessible to people with wheelchairs. Read More >>

Clubcard Points for Uber Rides Rumour Could Trigger Cabbie Tesco Boycott

There's something new for taxi drivers to be angry about today, as reports suggest that Tesco might be about to do a deal with ride-enabling app Uber -- letting customers use clubcard points to pay for trips home with their newly acquired doughnuts and cheese. Read More >>

Scary Uber Driver Arrested for Impersonating a Cop, Packing Heat, Using Sirens

There are stories about vigilante Uber drivers that are funny, and there are stories that are scary. The latest news from Charleston, South Carolina is a little bit of both—but with an extra dose of the psychotic. Read More >>

London’s Uber Drivers Will Have to Take an English Exam

Uber has lost a court case in which it wanted to stop its London drivers -- and all private hire drivers working in the city -- from being forced to take English language tests, so now the fleet of semi-casual carsmiths must take some sort of writing test to see if they can perform to the required level of offensive chit-chat. Read More >>

Uber Has a Murder Problem

The popular livery and union-busting service Uber is catching heat in Brazil because its drivers keep getting robbed and murdered. This isn’t the first time that the company has struggled with murder in its ranks. But holy shit, a recent report has some horrifying new details. Read More >>

Uber Rivals Keep Jobs But Earn Less

Researchers looking at Uber's disruption of the taxi industry have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it's created more driving jobs and hasn't led to mass redundancies among its existing rivals, but the bad news is that drivers from competing firms are now earning less than they used to. Read More >>

Uber Gives Drivers Free Language Training In Battle With TfL

In the escalating turf war between Transport for London and taxi rivals Uber, the on-demand ride app has announced it's giving its drivers a free English language course. This is in response to TfL's declaration that all drivers from non-English-speaking countries had to pass a £200 exam to prove their competency - a decision that's been in and out of court over the last few months. Read More >>

Uber Wins New Legal Battle Over Forced English Exams for Drivers

Uber has won the right to have a court decide on another of Transport for London's declarations, with the app-based cab company this time arguing that forcing all drivers to take English exams is a bit out of order. Read More >>

Is Google’s New Ride-Sharing Service an Uber Killer?

Google is launching what’s being called an Uber competitor in San Francisco, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Google is focusing on carpooling (and not a taxi service) that will let commuters share rides for an even cheaper rate than Uber does. Read More >>

London’s Black Cabs Could Appear in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin

The famous mobile landmark that is the London black cab as built by the London Taxi Company could soon appear in other capital cities, with the automaker's Chinese owner currently pitching the vehicle to the kings and queens of several other major European population centres. Read More >>

London Cabbies Consider Court Action over Uber’s Tiny Tax Bill

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, a group that represents black cab drivers in London, is thinking of pushing for a judicial review of Uber's license to operate in London, claiming that the fact it only paid as much tax as "four black-cab drivers" means it's not fit to be allowed to ferry people about the capital. Read More >>

Knowledge Point Black Cab School Rescued By London Taxi Company

Having come to within 10 days of collapse, Knowledge Point has been saved by London Taxi Company (LTC). The capital’s famous taxi school was on the rocks and unable to afford the rent at its previous address on Caledonian Road ahead of Christmas, but has now been relocated to the nearby (we’re talking metres) LTC Brewery Road dealership. Read More >>

UberPool Will Be One of London’s Cheapest Taxi Services, But You’ll Have to Speak to Strangers

Taxi app Uber is launching a new service in London, which it says will combat pollution and congestion, while also delivering better value for money for passengers. UberPool lands in the capital on Friday as a car-sharing service, encouraging passengers to ride along with strangers if they’re heading in the same direction. Read More >>

Uber Wins Ruling That Says it’s Not a London Taxi Clone

Uber bosses are on the receiving end of some good news today for once, with a UK court deciding that its app-based distance-calculating thing is different enough from the black cab taximeter that it should be allowed to carry on... existing. Read More >>

Taxi Firm Addison Lee Will Carry Your Bike Home if You Get Tired or Broken

Found yourself 24 miles from home with a puncture? Fallen off? Just got a new bike and overstretched yourself? Help will soon be at hand, if you're stuck somewhere in London with a bike and want to get home quick, via taxi firm Addison Lee. Read More >>