BA Flyer Charged Double for “Strong” Cup of Tea

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup. Read More >>

British Public Impressed By Tea Bags, Internet And Lightbulbs

In a survey conducted by English Heritage, the British people proved they are gigantic walking stereotype by claiming to be most impressed by tea bags. UK residents are also, as it turns out, impressed by sewers and keen on penicillin, which makes sense given how important it has been in keeping us alive in times when tea has failed. Read More >>

Twinings’ Music-Playing Tea Cup Will Give You an Instant Headache

Twinings has done a silly thing it wants tea-obsessed saddos to send viral, putting together a completely over the top cup designed to optimise your tea-slurping experience. Read More >>

British Man Takes Bunjee Dunking World Record Off American

A man with a strong stomach, a steady hand and quite a lot of time on his hands has bagged himself a niche world record by dunking a biscuit into a mug of tea at the bottom of a 73.41 metre high bungee jump. That’s more metres than anyone being tasked with dunking a biscuit into a cup of tea from the sky has ever managed before. Read More >>

Wi-Fi Kettle Takes 11 Hours to Make Cup of Tea

Data specialist Mark Rittman wanted to make tea around 9 am, but found himself in an eleven hour saga trying to get his Wi-Fi kettle to work. He documented his struggle on a website that’s also struggling, a social network called Read More >>

iPlayer and Netflix Are Killing the Traditional Ad Break Power Surge

A vaguely interesting bit of news you might want to discuss with a mate the next time you head to the pub and run out of things to talk about has been revealed by the National Grid. Read More >>

Tea in Crisis as Coffee Gains Stranglehold on UK Beverage Scene

What the hell is that you're drinking? It's probably not tea as, despite Google making tea the Google Doodle for the UK today, the nation's supposed national drink is in something of a death spiral as glamorous upstart coffee literally upsets the traditional drinks table. Read More >>

This New Fake Leather is Made From Tea

It’s tough. It’s thick. It’s brown. It’s a lot like leather — but in fact this new material is made in the lab using leftovers from a brew of kombucha tea. Read More >>

The Last of the PG Tips Advert Chimps Has Died

The last surviving throwback to the days animals used to be made to dress up for our entertainment has died, with the last surviving star of the PG Tips adverts being extinguished at the age of 48. Read More >>

17 Apollo Missions Paved the Way for This Space Capsule Tea Infuser

We don’t have a moon colony yet and the space station isn’t exactly tourist-ready, but if you needed one good reason why those 17 Apollo missions were worth every last penny, it’s that they inspired this wonderful space capsule tea infuser. Read More >>

This ‘Kettle’ Rod is a Brilliant Energy-Saving Way to Make Tea

Do you use an electric kettle to make tea? Then you’re using way too much water and too much power heating an overfilled vessel. But! We found this cool new Kickstarter project that saves energy and looks sleek in a kitchen. Read More >>

Half of a Teapot is Actually the Perfect Amount of Teapot

Do you actually use a teapot? Oh, you do? Well have you ever filled your teapot up more than halfway? Oh, you have? Well, not all of us are constantly having wild parties with dozens of friends for whom to make tea. The rest of us are only making one or two cups — and that's who the design team at the Dutch studio Droog made this teapot for. Read More >>

This Chocolate Teapot Can Hold Boiling Water Without Totally Melting

There is exactly one reason you would ever want to brew hot tea in a barely stable chocolate teapot: to prove that you could. And indeed, a team of science bods have enlisted a master chocolatier to do just that. Behold the power of (chocolate) science. Read More >>

This Vacuum Brewer Infuses Your Tea (or Booze) With Almost Anything

With mixology and DIY designer beverages on the rise, it's no wonder that users want more control. Enter BKON's new Craft Brewer, an impressive piece of machinery that infuses liquids in a perfect vacuum. Gizmodo recently got a hands-on demo at the iconic Counter Culture in Soho, New York. This thing can brew. Read More >>

Tim Cook
Lunch Date With Tim Cook Suffers Dotcom Bubble 2.0 Valuation Crash

Last year, Apple boss Tim Cook auctioned a chat and a coffee (no touching) for a final price of around £400,000. This year he's done it again, but only raised around half the amount, pulling in £196,000 for charity for one hour of his time. Dump your ASOS shares, the next massive tech crash is clearly imminent. [BBC] Read More >>