Unilever Plans to Dump PG Tips as Tea Sales Fall

Enormous international conglomerate Unilever has had enough of selling tea bags to British people, and is trying to offload its PG Tips and Lipton brands in the face of falling overall sales of tea products. It probably should've kept that to itself before trying to negotiate a price. Read More >>

Flight Cancelled Due to Lack of Tea

A Jet2 flight taking people from Glasgow to get burnt in Tenerife was forced to turn back over Ireland, due to an internal plumbing issue that would've interrupted the supply of tea. There could well have been a riot over the Bay of Biscay. People may have turned to sucking each others' blood out for refreshment. Read More >>

Yorkshire Tea’s Getting Grief Because its New Biodegradable Tea Bags are Splitting Open

Yorkshire Tea is usually considered some of the best stuff by casual tea connoisseurs, so it's welcome news to hear that the company has moved into the business of biodegradable teabags - because shockingly most tea bags aren't. The problem is people are now complaining their bags are splitting open on them, which shows you can never please everyone. Read More >>

Aldi’s Prosecco Teabags Are Back For Christmas

Instagram and Pinterest types will be beside themselves to hear that there's now a legit way to drink prosecco at work. Aldi is bringing back its prosecco-infused teabags, which sold out last Christmas to people so basic they can't even drink tea without pretending it's alcohol. Read More >>

The British Prefer to Put Milk in Tea Last. You Know, the Proper Way

Tea is one of those things that's quintessentially associated with Britain and the British, even though it comes from India, China, and other far away parts of the world. It's the ultimate act of cultural appropriation, really, but it's been around for so long that nobody seems to care anymore. YouGov being YouGov has finally got round to asking people how they take it, and it turns out there's an obvious solution to the conundrum of when the milk should go in. Read More >>

Quantum Dot Tea Factory is the Next Frontier in the War on Cancer

Scientists playing around with tea think they might have stumbled across the next big thing in the battle against lung cancer, with tiny particles less than 10 nanometres across that they intended to use to make cancers more visible actually having a damaging effect on cancer cells. Read More >>

Yorkshire Tea’s Latest Blend is Designed to Taste Like Tea and Biscuits

One of the time-honoured traditions for anyone drinking a mug of tea is to open up a packet of biscuits and do some dunking. Yorkshire Tea clearly wants those days to be over, because it's gone and developed a blend of tea that's supposed to taste like a tea-and-biscuits combo. Read More >>

PG Tips Removes Plastic Endoskeletons From Bags for Guilt-Free Tea

Joining the Co-op in raging against tiny amounts of polypropylene in our tea bags is PG Tips, which is about to launch a 100 per cent, fully biodegradable tea bag in the UK. Cheers, Sir Attenborough. Read More >>

Co-op Plans to Detoxify the Tea Bag

One amazing fact favoured by lots of people is that tea bags aren't as innocently papery and leafy as they appear. The vast majority of them have little plastic skeletons inside them, formed by bonding the bags  together and designed to give them the strength to survive a vigorous spooning. Read More >>

A New Survey Says Brits Now Prefer Coffee Over Tea

In news that is normally relegated to science fiction and silly comics, one survey claims that the British people now prefer coffee over tea. The British people and tea go together like the French and croissants, Germans and beer, or Americans and obesity. So this is pretty surprising to hear. Read More >>

BA Flyer Charged Double for “Strong” Cup of Tea

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup. Read More >>

British Public Impressed By Tea Bags, Internet And Lightbulbs

In a survey conducted by English Heritage, the British people proved they are gigantic walking stereotype by claiming to be most impressed by tea bags. UK residents are also, as it turns out, impressed by sewers and keen on penicillin, which makes sense given how important it has been in keeping us alive in times when tea has failed. Read More >>

Twinings’ Music-Playing Tea Cup Will Give You an Instant Headache

Twinings has done a silly thing it wants tea-obsessed saddos to send viral, putting together a completely over the top cup designed to optimise your tea-slurping experience. Read More >>

British Man Takes Bunjee Dunking World Record Off American

A man with a strong stomach, a steady hand and quite a lot of time on his hands has bagged himself a niche world record by dunking a biscuit into a mug of tea at the bottom of a 73.41 metre high bungee jump. That’s more metres than anyone being tasked with dunking a biscuit into a cup of tea from the sky has ever managed before. Read More >>

Wi-Fi Kettle Takes 11 Hours to Make Cup of Tea

Data specialist Mark Rittman wanted to make tea around 9 am, but found himself in an eleven hour saga trying to get his Wi-Fi kettle to work. He documented his struggle on a website that’s also struggling, a social network called Read More >>