This AI Will Watch You Study And Can Tell If You’re Not Listening

A school in Paris will be the first to implement a system that studies the faces of students who study remotely using their webcam. The goal is to use artificial intelligence to determine how engaged students are - basically if they are listening or not. Read More >>

Learn the A to Z of Space Travel With NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Space is endlessly fascinating, but it can be difficult to know how to begin explaining its infinite vastness, especially to little ones. Enter the Orion A to Z—a colourful guide to space exploration put together by NASA. Read More >>

Computers are Now Able to Teach Each Other Pac-Man

Until now, humans have had one significant advantage over computers and robots: We were the only ones who could teach the machines how to function. Now, researchers at Washington State University have created computers that can teach other computers. And they're using Pac-Man to do it. Read More >>

Google Helpouts is Here to Help You With Basically Anything

Have you ever been working on something, a special project or something outside the realm of normal day-to-day work stuff, and you find yourself totally stuck? As in, you have absolutely no idea what to do next? Google wants to help. Read More >>

google glass
Medical Professor Shows Google Glass Doesn’t Have To Be Dumb

Most of the Google Glass videos we've seen thus far don't seem to tap this device's enormous potential. Used as a miniaturised camera phone or just another vehicle for porn, Glass doesn't do much that a GoPro can't. And that's a damn shame, because the way Glass enables wearers to near-effortlessly shoot point-of-view video makes it perhaps the most revolutionary teaching tool ever created, as Dr. Abraham Verghese of Stanford University School of Medicine shows here. Read More >>