17-Year-Old Geordie Boy Arrested as Possible TeamPoison Hacker

Northumbria Police under guidance from the UK's Police Central eCrime Unit have arrested a teenager in Newcastle, accusing the youth of being part of one of the internet's notorious hacking collectives known as TeamPoison. Read More >>

The Police and MI6 Come Down Like a Tonne of Bricks as Two British Teens Arrested Over Terror Line Hacking

Well that didn’t take long. Mess with the police and MI6 and you’ll get your arse handed to you. Two teenagers from the West Midlands have already been arrested for the embarrassing Teampoison anti-terror hotline hacking from yesterday. Read More >>

UK Police Embarrassed By Hacked Calls Again

Last time it was an intercepted call between our good old plods and the American’s feds, but this time calls inside the Metropolitan Police have been recorded and leaked by Teampoison. If that wasn’t bad enough the MI6’s anti-terror phone line also got “phone bombed” taking it out of action too. Read More >>

Hackers Access “Old” United Nations Server Data

A hacking group which calls itself Teampoison has distributed a collection of email addresses and passwords, which it claims to have obtained from the UN. Read More >>