HTC Needs a Helicopter and Iron Man to Tease the HTC One Max

Rumours are swirling about the HTC One Max -- HTC's new stab at the super-sized phone rolling in at a purported 5.9-inches. But rather than the standard denial, the phone manufacturer just spat out a pretty epic teaser for "something big". Looks like that Robert Downey Jr hook-up's kicking off the marketing blitz. Read More >>

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What Does Microsoft’s New E3 Xbox One Teaser Tell Us?

Microsoft's busted out a teaser trailer for its E3 event next week. While we saw a lot about the hardware at its official unveiling, arguably the most important bit, the games, were left for E3. So, what does the video tell us? More Gears of War, Forza and Halo, apparently. Read More >>

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What on Earth Is Asus Teasing Here?

I have to admit, I am totally none-the-wiser after watching this as to what Asus has in store for us at Computex this year. Something to do with parallel universes, but it has to be some sort of fancy tablet or laptop or possibly a transformer (maybe a two-screen machine?), surely? This truly bizarre teaser is so far out there it's unreal. What the hell is it? [YouTube] Read More >>

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Live-Action Destiny Trailer Shows Boss Fight and a Real Human Man

Halo-maker Bungie has released a bizarre new trailer for its forthcoming open-world shooter Destiny, which combines a live-action narration with your usual generic space marine action. Read More >>

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Here’s Your First (Blurry) Look at the PS4

We didn't get to see the PS4 at Sony's big reveal event a few months ago, but with the NextBox announcement right around the corner (read: tomorrow), Sony's showing off a sneak peek to get us all riled. It's hard to make out much of anything other than the vague shape of the thing, but it's better than nothing. Can you make out anything cool? Read More >>

Does Nokia Have the Fabled “EOS” PureView Windows Phone For Us Tomorrow?

Yesterday, right smack-bang in the middle of the Inbetweeners Movie on Channel 4, Nokia busted out a new teaser, which absolutely screams PureView. Will we finally get that PureView "EOS" Windows Phone Nokia's been promising ever since the launch of the Symbian-powered 808 PureView? Find out right here tomorrow morning. [The Verge] Read More >>

Iron Man 3
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This Is Why Iron Man 3 Is So Awesome, According to the Actors

We haven't got long to wait now -- just 15 days -- until we can all get our peepers on Stark's latest outing, but if you're still gagging for teaser videos, check out Marvel's first 'featurette' out of Iron Man 3. It's even got Pepper Pots all supersuited up. Read More >>

Annoying American Boy the Custodian of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Secrets

This exercise in futility is Samsung's first official teaser for its forthcoming Galaxy S4 Android model, which tells us nothing about the phone. In fact, it's so awful it actually makes us less interested in the final product and more likely to buy something from LG or a £19.99 Alcatel instead. Read More >>

PS4 teaser
Is the PlayStation 4 Arriving on February 20th?

Well here's something we weren't expecting. Sony just teased us with a super secret, super mysterious, super probably a new PlayStation (because, what else?) event next month. Let's start speculating and freaking out about a new console war. Read More >>

Dyson mystery
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What the Hell Has Dyson Come Up With This Time?

Dyson's got something new up its sleeve. Something that's been three years in the making, with 125 engineers on the case, that's cost £40 million to bring to market, and will be revealed next Tuesday. Here's a teaser video, showing something being lasered. Anyone got any ideas? Read More >>

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The First Iron Man 3 Teaser Is Live and the New Suit Looks Totally Badass

It's a bit sad that we're at the stage were we have teasers for trailers; not whole movies, but sodding trailers. Having said that, this is Iron Man 3 we're talking about here, and this teaser's pretty damn tasty. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got Something Else With a Stylus Coming

Samsung's sent out a cryptic event teaser for October 24th, because apparently "the next big thing is here". The picture of one of Samsung's new S-Pen styluses confuses things a bit; we've already seen the 5.5-inch Note 2 and Note 10.1. So, what's next? A 7-inch Note, or maybe a smaller phablet? [AllThingsD via TechRadar] Read More >>

Rockstar Drip Feeds Us Yet More Tantalising GTA V Screen Grabs

Garbage trucks, planes, helicopters, and awesome-looking Lambos, it's all in a day's "business" according to Rockstar. Apparently this is the last teaser we'll see for a few weeks, but we've yet to actually get a release date or any solid details for these fantastic-looking screens. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Got a Really Funny Idea of What Counts as “Small” and “Light”

The Galaxy Note 2 is incoming, and we'll see it at IFA next week, but first Samsung's treating us to a weird teaser video. Samsung seems to have things a tad confused too, because I certainly wouldn't call a 5.5-inch-plus phablet "small," and I'll bet it's not all that "light" either. Read More >>

Samsung Jumps the Gun On Its Own Galaxy S III Countdown and Brands the Competition as Sheep

Well what do we have here then? Samsung’s got a little ahead of its own timer and has a brand-new teaser trailer for you all to salivate over. It's not holding its punches either, calling out "everyone else" as sheep. Read More >>