Dyson Teases Low-Rise, Camera-Enabled Project N223

Dyson's engineers are working on a new thing, and judging by the clues given out in its teaser video it may be planning to slowly trundle into Roomba's automated vacuuming world. Read More >>

Teaser Suggests Jurassic World May Contain Dinosaurs

This pic has come from the set of Jurassic World, and unlike those dodgy Star War images, it can be considered canon. Published on the Twitter account of director Colin Trevorrow, it clearly shows the shadowy outline of something with big pointy teeth. So not all of the new dinos will be CG. [Twitter via TotalFilm] Read More >>

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Given a Dumb Modern Movie Trailer Makeover

Here's a nice little piece of satire on the miserable art of the modern film trailer; a teaser for Monty Python's comedy classic edited to reflect today's overly bombastic, identikit blockbuster promo styling. Read More >>

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Scarlett Johansson Makes For a Very Seductive Alien

This is the first teaser trailer for Jonathan Glazer's new sci-fi film Under The Skin starring the always-gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. Let's just say she makes for a distinctly sexy extra terrestrial in a very surreal and frightening world. Read More >>

Apparently Aliens Make Samsung Phones

This explains a lot. According to a leaked video, the brains behind the phone deluge from Samsung are apparently alien in origin. Maybe they'll be able to beam me back home after their keynote, then? It might also explain Samsung's latest gigantophone -- clearly extra-terrestrials have much bigger hands than us puny humans. [Samsung] Read More >>

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What on Earth Is JJ Abrams Teasing This Time?

This is a little teaser for JJ Abrams' next project "Stranger". It's a minute long, has no title card, and the guy at the end looks super creepy. What the hell is it for? Read More >>

GTA V Los Santos
GTA V’s Los Santos Is a Really Strange Place

We've still got another month to wait before we can take our collective trip into the depths of Los Santos, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar drip-feeding us with tantalising titbits. Now you can take a virtual guided tour of GTA V's city, and get to know the guy who will patch you up, your friendly neighbours, and where the planes you'll be stealing are located. Essential reading. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got Another Note For Us in Berlin

If you were in any doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note III is on its way, this little teaser, which not-so-subtly states "note the date" for Samsung's IFA keynote on September 4th, should put that to rest. How big will it be though? Can anyone stomach a 7-inch phablet? Samsung's got to one-up Sony's 6.44-incher, right? [Facebook] Read More >>

HTC One Mini Teased in “Smaller Can be Better” Infographic

HTC's got itself into a bit of twist over a blog post that seemingly confirms its plans to launch a smaller version of the HTC One, publishing, then pulling, then republishing, a blog post that outlines all the advantages small things have over big things. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
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Oh Yes, Bones Is Still Awesome in Star Trek Into Darkness

Little did anyone realise that Star Trek was actually a show about a grumpy old doctor, thrust into space against his will. Yeah, Kirk and Spock stole the spotlight, but it's really all about Bones. Oh, and Scotty. But not Uhura, obviously. Lucky that Karl Urban is awesome as the good doctor, then. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
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Looks Like That Really Is the Enterprise Crashing in Star Trek Into Darkness

There was some debate as to whether the shocking trailer with a starship crash landing on Earth was the Enterprise in Star Trek Into Darkness. Tragically, it looks like Kirk's managed to wreck yet another ship, and destroy a city in the process. Read More >>

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Rockstar Keeps You Salivating With Two New GTA V Teasers

The infuriating, yet somehow fascinating drip-feed of media from GTA V continues, with Rockstar keeping us all hooked like crack addicts with just a little taste. Cash and carry these are apparently, but honestly, I have no idea why. Read More >>

GTA V box art
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This is What GTA V Will Look Like Once You Can Finally Buy It

Just in case you had trouble spotting it on the shelves in the middle of launch mayhem, whenever that finally happens, Rockstar's released the box art for GTA V, fake iPhone and badgeless Audi R8 in tow. Read More >>

Watch Pepper Potts Finally Suit Up in This Kickass Iron Man 3 Teaser

As April 25th gets closer and closer, Marvel is starting to flood the airwaves with 30 second Iron Man 3 commercials, including this spot which reveals something fans have speculated since the first trailer: Pepper Potts gets to don the Iron Man armour. It doesn't look like Stark has created her her own custom suit—yet—but she looks right at home in his armour. Talk about a power couple. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Iron Man 3
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If You Were Iron Man, This Is How You Would Suit Up

If you're the kind of guy with an awesome supersuit that enables you to fly, kick the crap out of bad guys, and blast things into dust, why would you just stand there, pulling up your power trousers? You wouldn't, you'd bust a groove, jumping all over the damn place, while the parts flew to their correct positions, locking onto your iron-clad fists, just like this. Read More >>