Smart Wigs & Finger Frames: Some Of The Weird Things Tech Companies Have Patented

If you want a glimpse of the future of tech, the patent filings of the big names are the closest we've got to a crystal ball. Many of the patented ideas never make it into a commercial product, but some do, and it's fun to guess what the next consumer gadget might be based on the weird inventions tech companies protect. Read More >>

These Hilarious Captions Lampooning Ludicrous Tech Company Decor are Simply Perfect

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Why 2016 Will Be the Year of E-Sports

2015 was by far the biggest year for professional video gaming, with 334 million people watching the championships for League of Legends, a multiplayer battle video game. Mix in bigger sponsors, more tech company money, better hardware, and virtual reality, and 2016 could be the year this phenomenon really takes off. Read More >>

Look at All These Tech Panels That Are All-Male

Silicon Valley has a women problem. Even worse, perhaps, is what happens when these mostly-male tech companies are invited to talk about their success with other mostly-male tech companies at public events. Read More >>

The Tech Companies in PRISM Aren’t Telling the Complete Truth

Apple. Facebook. Google. Microsoft. Yahoo. AOL. YouTube. Skype. PalTalk. The tech companies that have been associated with PRISM have all unequivocally denied involvement with the spying program. But are they speaking the whole truth? Or are they simply using choice words to evade the real question? It definitely doesn't look like the whole truth. Read More >>