Why Trump’s Tech Summit is Going to Be Super Awkward

This Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump will meet with — or “summon,” as it were — leaders from across the tech industry for a round-table chat. On paper, this appears to be a very sensible meeting. Silicon Valley nurtured a deliciously cosy relationship with the Obama administration, and it stands to reason that it will try that route with the Trump regime. Read More >>

What Can We Learn About Tech CEOs From Their Signatures?

Ever think back to the first time you tried out your own John Hancock? You'd seen grown-ups scrawl their signature on everything from cheques to documents to the odd note to get you out of going to school. You knew one day you too would have to scribble on legally binding documents, so you endlessly sat down to practise your signature. Read More >>

Welcome to BusinessTown, the Children’s Book Version of Silicon Valley 

In your recent internet wanderings you might have spotted a few residents of BusinessTown, the industrious anthropomorphic animals who look strikingly similar to the ones from your favourite childhood picture book — except these creatures are digital strategy “intrapreneurs” who give TED Talks on how nanobots will end poverty. Read More >>