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Don’t Forget to Send Donald Trump Your Tech Support Queries This Christmas

No one tweets quite like Donald Trump, and one of today's 240-character, unthreaded rantings is particularly interesting: Read More >>

The Best Alternative OSes You Need to Install Already

There’s a world out there beyond Windows, macOS, Android and iOS — and it’s a world worth exploring. The big four operating systems are built to be useful to as many people as possible. Yet many of us have very particular needs and might do better with something more streamlined. Thankfully there are a lot of programmers with needs as particular as our own. Sometimes they build operating systems dedicated to certain computers and smartwatches, or ones intended just for gaming. Other times they’re out tweaking and refining what’s already available. Read More >>

7 Lies You Shouldn’t Tell the People Fixing Your Computer

Long before I wrote blogs on the internet, when I was but a teeny student with an LJ and a dream, I did tech support. And I saw things. I wasn’t the only one. The people who work tech have heard every excuse and seen every horror your mind can conjure. Read More >>

Need Tech Support? Call Snowden

While in exile in Russia, Edward Snowden has been kind enough to offer some fellow Twitter users with the tech support they so desperately need. Or at least, he’ll give you a hand if you have a significant online presence. Read More >>

People Can Finally Tweet Their Tech Problems Directly to Apple

Apple launched a tech support Twitter account this morning. It already has over 55,000 followers. Shockingly, no one’s trolling it. People are asking actual tech support questions. Read More >>

What’s Your Most Positive Tech Support Experience?

Last Friday, we ran a column about poor customer service, which provoked many of you to share your frustrations in the comments. But we know customer service people often get an unfair rep, so let's talk about those times you've been treated like the kings or queens you really are. Read More >>

What are the Best Tech Support One-Liners Your Parents Have Asked You?

I'm at my parents' house for the weekend. Loosely translated, I'm doing some minor tech support for the next few days. My mother just implored: Siri now hates me. Can you help me? Sure, mum. Read More >>

Hotline Miami Developer Gives Pirate Users Helpful Tech Support

Rather than rage against the wrongs of the system, start issuing legal threats and getting very, very angry on Twitter about people sharing his game on The Pirate Bay, one of the Hotline Miami developers instead registered an account to help those who couldn't get the pirated code to run. Read More >>

Pitches From the Ditches: Life, the Universe, and Public Relations

Over the last couple weeks there has been a torrent of postcards into the Giz office, many featuring naked men and one made from sewn-together mice heads; all from people pleading for an explanation of what tech PR actually is. I will attempt to address this in the way I know the Giz readership prefers, by using an overly-metaphorical style coupled with long rambling prose. Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: Backing Up and Checking Out

They say all good things must come to an end, and they’re right. It started last week, when the boss asked if I could make a home visit to sort out his Wi-Fi; his wife’s email account (goodness knows why), and his children’s iTunes stuff. He lives near Brighton, so I thought it would make a nice day out. Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: Business Development Assurance Blah Blah-Whatever

I’m always wary of emails sent with the ‘Important’ flag; especially at 6pm. This one's from HR Susan, and has a subject labelled ‘Urgent’. OK, message received loud and clear...what fresh hell am I about to face this time? Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: Outsourcing…Me?

Last week, the boss called me in. “Ah, Ethan! Great new things are a-happening. We’re cutting costs and improving services m’boy.” Eyes to ceiling, deep breath... “What’s that then, Sir?” I ask in my usual belligerent, yet very caring manner. Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: But We Don’t Have a Helipad?

Glorious sunshine yesterday; the park was full of happy people not moaning about work, and instead swapping insights about that night's much-anticipated football match, England vs. err...somebody else. It must have been an important match I figured, as the bosses told us there was to be free beer and pizza in the boardroom for anyone interested. Free beer – how could I refuse? Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: The Lost USB Stick

Saw my first grey hair this morning. That's what my colleagues at work have done to me, with questions like "what's that noise that sounds like a fan, coming out of my computer?" Read More >>

Emails From the Command-Line: A Greek Investment

Glorious sunshine intrudes through our office venetian blinds, and taking a quick look at the server, it appears only half the staff are in today. Jolly good; I'll see if I can find the keys to the roof terrace and work up there. With a cold beer. And some crisps. Read More >>