HDR Will Come to Sky Q Next Year, Voice Control Trial Coming Soon

4K video has been around for Sky customers for a few years now, letting them enjoy upgraded resolution as long as hey're willing to pay for it. As great as that is, the future of high quality picture is more than just boosted resolution, it also relies on the enhanced colour of HDR to make everything look righter and more realistic. So Sky has promised HDR will come to its flagship service next year, among other things. Read More >>

Save Over £150 on iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 With These EE Deals

Word has been sent our way that EE has teamed up with mobile phone deals reseller to offer some massive discounts on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S7 on EE. Read More >>

Our Buddy techradar Has Had a Facelift…

Did you know that Gizmodo UK and share an office? No? Well, then now you do. While to the outside world we may look like mortal web enemies, battling for tech scoops and Google spots, we're actually BFFs (or at least until only one of us gets an Apple event invite, anyway). It's with only a little envy then that we can today show off the hot new-look techradar. Read More >>