The Gloriously Inane First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 10 Years Ago Today

On April 23rd, 2005, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a masterpiece of mundanity to YouTube, his newly launched video portal. Behold. Read More >>

That Plastic Thing Inside the Pizza Box Was Invented 30 Years Ago

Yesterday the US celebrated National Pizza Day, but if you’re one of the seven billion humans on this planet who enjoys getting hot slabs of cheese and dough delivered to your door, you have a piece of plastic to thank. A piece of plastic? Yes, that circular plastic thing that goes in the middle to prevent the pizza from sticking to the top of the pizza box. It's called a pizza saver. And it was invented 30 years ago today when Carmela Vitale got her patent issued for that piece of plastic. Read More >>

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Chernobyl’s Steel Radiation Shield is the Biggest Moving Structure Ever

In the normal world, it's what you'd call a bad investment: spending a £1.2 billion to build the largest moveable structure ever—and knowing that it won't work for longer than 100 years. But in Chernobyl, it's the best available option for protecting a whole continent from the worst nuclear disaster in history. Read More >>

The Game Boy Turns 25 Today

You've almost certainly played a game on your phone today. Some beautiful, high-res game with a rainbow of colours and fluid animation. You've got a lot of power in your pocket these days, but portable gaming owes a lot to the chunky old Game Boy, which is 25 years old today. Read More >>

Nine People Who Thought Gmail Might Have Been an April Fools’ Prank

Gmail's officially entering its tender tween years today, and after a decade with the internet's favourite email service, we can barely even remember our lives without it. But then, that's why we have the internet—to remember for us. Read More >>

The Most Important Facebook Redesigns in Facebook’s 10-Year History

Ten years ago today, Mark Zuckerberg gave birth to The Facebook and launched an online social revolution in his Harvard digs. We all know what happened next—thanks in no small part to an eight-time Academy Award-nominated film. With such humble beginnings, no one could have predicted the wild success (and cries of outrage) the site's many iterations would bring over the years. Read More >>

The Right to Record Movies From TV Came 30 Years Ago Yesterday

Today, DRM fears inspire a lot of jokes that reference George Orwell's 1984. But it was in that titular year, three decades ago today, that the US Supreme Court reached a decision that defined and protected the right to record copyrighted material: Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., or the Betamax case. Read More >>

14 Absurd Ads From Before We Knew Cigarettes Could Kill You

Fifty years ago today, in 1964, the US Surgeon General released one of the most progressive documents on smoking of its time, stating definitively that, yes, smoking tobacco can indeed be fatal. With it, the Untied States' cigarette culture began its (often frustratingly, grudgingly slow) overhaul from one of hipness and health to shame and decrepitude. Read More >>

It’s Been a Full Decade Since the Spirit Rover Landed on Mars

On January 4, 2004, the first of two identical robotic exploratory rovers, NASA's Spirit, snapped this stunning 360 degree image of its surroundings, moments after setting down on Mars. In the years to follow, both Spirit and its sister Opportunity helped revolutionise our understanding of the Red Planet. Read More >>

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45 Years Ago, Doug Engelbart Gave the Most Important Tech Demo Ever

On December 9th, 1968, Douglas C. Engelbart—along with 17 researchers from Stanford -- gave a 90-minute live public demonstration of the technology they'd been working on for the previous 6 years. It changed the face of technology -- and you can watch it in full here. Read More >>

The Last Supersonic Flight of the Concorde Was 10 Years Ago Today

We were promised supersonic flights. Today, we stay well below the speed of sound. We were promised transatlantic flights from New York to London in three and a half hours. Today, that flight takes us seven hours. We were promised the future of flying. That future hasn't existed for 10 years. The last flight of the Concorde was on October 24, 2003, we've been flying on slow-haul planes since. Read More >>

Happy Belated Birthday to Android, Which Turned 5 Years Old Yesterday

Yesterday in 2008, Google executives stood on stage and announced the much-rumoured T-Mobile G1 (also known as the HTC Dream). It was the first commercial product to run a new, Linux-based operating system called Android. It turned out pretty OK for Google, don't you think? Read More >>

The Audio Cassette Is 50 Years Old Today

The natural descendant of the 8-track—which used similar magnetic tape but housed it in a much bigger, bulkier frame—the audio cassette, was the brainchild of engineers at Philips. Its precise birthday is open to some debate, but Philips is insistent that the format was officially launched at its Amsterdam HQ on September 13th, 1963. Read More >>

The Greatest Google Doodles From Each Year of Google’s History

Yesterday marked the official 15th birthday of everyone's favourite startup search engine turned tech giant turned Big Brother. And even though many have had their gripes, it's hard not to look back at our Google-fueled time online with a sense of fondness. Because no matter where you might find yourself in life, you know that Google will always be there with a delightful little doodle to commemorate every possible occasion they can find an excuse for—special or otherwise. Read More >>

Curiosity’s Greatest Hits in Its One Year on Mars

Can you believe it's been a full year since the Mars Curiosity rover made its absolutely spectacular red, dusty landing? Millions watched with bated breath the day that NASA's Mars Science Laboratory began its historical journey. It may have taken everyone's favourite interplanetary robot a little while to get up and running, but once it did, the discoveries kept on coming. Here's a look back at some the more fun, mind-blowing, and all around spectacular of Curiosity's finds in honour of its first martian anniversary. Read More >>