This is What Nvidia’s Project Shield Android Console Will Be Capable Of

The beastly portable Android console Nvidia's pumping out, Project Shield, has the potential to really shake up the gaming market, even with the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon. Like a souped-up screen-equipped Ouya, it'll be powered by the brand new Tegra 4 chip. Wow this thing is going to be powerful. Read More >>

Wikipad Aims to Give Project Shield a Run for its Money

The on/off launch of Wikipad's Android gaming hardware is now definitely in the ON position, with the company announcing plans to launch the smaller, 7" version of its Tegra 3 powered gaming tablet/handheld this spring. Read More >>

Asus and Google’s Nexus Tablet to Ditch 3G Connectivity and go Wi-Fi Only Next Week?

Reports coming out of the usual supply chain world sources claim the forthcoming Google/Asus Nexus tablet will arrive without any form of mobile data option, meaning it'll be a house-bound Wi-Fi unit only. Read More >>

Google/Asus Nexus 7 Tablet Spotted in Benchmarks, Running Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”

The long-rumoured Android tablet supposedly being made for Google by Asus as we speak has been discovered in some tech benchmark results, revealing the 7" Nexus tablet to be running on Nvidia's Tegra 3 chipset. Read More >>

Video: How the Snapdragon S4-Powered HTC One X Fares Against the Tegra 3 Version

Unfortunately you're going to have to look overseas if you want to get your paws on a Snapdragon S4 version of the HTC One X, which US network AT&T announced last week. But if you do prefer your chips flavoured with Snapdragon instead of Tegra 3, you may be interested in watching this little battery test our desk-buddies at TechRadar put together. Read More >>

Hands On: Toshiba’s New Excite Tablets Come In Small, Regular, and Holy Crap

The Toshiba Thrive was big and fat. The Thrive 7 trimmed down a bit, but it was still pretty beefy. That's why we were surprised when we saw the new Excite series and our reaction was, "Oh sweetie! What, you don't eat?" Read More >>

iPad Test Notes: Speed (Versus Tegra 3)

Apple made some bold claims about its new A5X chip, claiming it would give a 4x graphical boost over Nvidia's Tegra 3. At the same time, the Tegra 3 is a powerhouse of computational processing. So lets put 'em to the test. Read More >>

Fujitsu Joins the Massive-Screened Phone Tegra 3 Party

Just like Panasonic, Fujitsu’s launching a range of smartphones into Europe and will be showing off its wares at MWC. Now we know a little about one of its new “ultra-high-spec” smartphones -- it’s another beast with a screen over four-inches. Read More >>

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The LG Optimus 4X HD Really Is a Beast

The lucky mobile-loving Italians over at Telefonio have managed to get their mitts on LG’s latest beast-of-a-phone. It looked fast on paper, but the video shows that it absolutely blazes through Ice Cream Sandwich like nothing I’ve seen before – if this is what Tegra 3 can do I’m properly stoked. Read More >>

LG’s Brand-New Optimus 4X HD Sounds Like an Absolute Beast

At this rate LG’s not going to have anything new to unveil at MWC next week. It’s officially spilled the beans on its Tegra 3 quad-core, 4.7-inch monster Android phone, the LG Optimus 4X HD. Read More >>

LG’s New X3 Phone May Be Powerful Enough to Tear Your Face Off

We generally pass on random phone rumours, but PocketNow seems to have scooped something that sounds awfully tasty. The LG X3 (codename) will supposedly have a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 4.7-inch 720p screen, an 8MP camera, and NFC. Um, yum? Read More >>

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This Nvidia Tablet Is Why Windows 8 Will be Awesome

The next big version of Windows got a lacklustre reception when it first landed on a tablet. It looked and worked great, yeah, but was knocked for a little clunkiness. Now, it's running on superfast phone guts—and it will be great. Read More >>

This 7-Inch Asus Tablet Has Tegra 3 Power for a Cheap Cheap Price

There aren't a lot of secrets left about Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core mobile guts; after all, it's already in the Transformer Prime. In fact, the only question left has been what other devices we'll see it in. Read More >>

Asus Transformer Prime Review: The Android Tablet You’ve Been Waiting For

I suppose it's not a little ironic that what is easily the best Android tablet of the last year does not look a little bit like an iPad, but a lot like an iPad, and is being sued for trademark infringement—though not by Apple. If you want to be generous, you could say that Asus's Transformer Prime stands on the shoulders of giants. With spiked boots. Read More >>

ICS on a Transformer Prime
Ice Cream Sandwich Demoed on a Tegra 3-Powered Asus Transformer Prime

Want to know how a quad-core Tegra 3 ARM chip handles the latest iteration of Android? Check out this video from Nvidia showing off an Asus Transformer Prime running Ice Cream Sandwich, just two days after Google released the source code. Read More >>