Report: Huawei Could Get 90 More Days to Buy American Parts to Fill Pre-Blacklist Orders

Though US trade sanctions are still in effect, Huawei Technologies will have an additional 90 days to buy from American companies so it can wrap up work with existing customers, according to a Reuters report. Read More >>

Report: All Four Major Mobile Networks in the UK Are Using Huawei 5G Gear

UK telecoms aren’t taking warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies that telecommunications gear produced by Chinese tech giant Huawei could pose a security risk incredibly seriously, at least according to a report from the Observer, which reported on Saturday that all four major carriers are currently or are planning on using Huawei networking gear for their rollout of next-generation 5G technology. Read More >>

Comcast is Buying Fox’s Existing Stake in Sky for $15 Billion

For years Rupert Murdoch and Fox have been working on trying to buy out the remaining 61 per cent of Sky that the law said couldn't be bought. Recently the law and regulators decided it was just dandy for Murdoch to try his hand at a full takeover, only for Comcast to swoop in with a better offer that inevitably led to Sky shareholders deciding the US cable giant was the way to go. Now, Fox and its new overlords Disney have agreed to sell the remaining 39 per cent of Sky to Comcast for the princely sum of $15 billion. Read More >>

Ofcom Wants Telecoms Companies to Warn You When Your Contract is Up

We've all signed up for some sort of telecoms contract in the past, whether it be for phone services, internet, or TV. You may also have noticed that these companies don't always tell you when your contract is up, not unless there's something else they can try to sell and get more money out of you. Now Ofcom's new proposals would make them change that practice. Read More >>

Government Report Says Huawei Equipment May Pose a Risk to National Security

Chinese telecoms companies haven't been having a great time of it recently. Not only was ZTE shut out of the USA for a time, there has been plenty of criticism of Huawei about alleged links to the Chinese government. While the company has denied those allegations, it's now facing a new challenge in the form of a government report criticising the state of security inside its telecommunications equipment. Read More >>

People Complain Most About TalkTalk and Least About Sky When It Comes to Broadband and Landlines

As British people, we like to complain about stuff. And today, Ofcom has released a set of data showing exactly what we do – and don't – complain about, at least in terms of telecoms and television services. Read More >>

It Only Costs £320 to Build Your Own Mobile Phone Network

Sometimes, owning a smartphone feels pricy. There’s the hefty chunk of change you’ll need to spend on the phone itself, and then the monthly fee you’ll need to fork over to operate it. But for just £320 and the cost of a few old Zack Morris-style brick phones, you can avoid those expenses and build your own damn 1G cellphone network. Read More >>

BT Forwarded All of its Users’ Sent Email to One Guy’s Inbox

Oh dear, oh dear. BT this week managed to forward all outgoing emails from its customers’ accounts to one single address, belonging to a Steve Webb. The Register reports that many users noticed yesterday afternoon that their emails were bouncing back, with error messages explaining that they couldn’t be delivered to the email address Read More >>

BT Prepping Free New Service For Automatically Blocking Nuisance Calls

BT has declared war on the voices behind irritating PPI, personal injury claims and marketing messages. The company’s preparing a new service that will identify and divert nuisance calls to a junk voicemail box, and customers can expect to welcome it into their homes later this year. Read More >>

Dodgy TalkTalk Staff and a 4-Year-Old Password Allegedly Aided Fraudsters

It's out of the fire and into an even bigger one for TalkTalk. A new report from The Register suggests that staff may have sold critical information to fraudsters, comprising customers' names, addresses, dates of birth, account numbers, landlines and mobile numbers. Read More >>

BT is Being Investigated After Claims it Exposed User Data

BT is being investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) due to a whistleblower's claims that it "exposed user credentials en masse," as users' email accounts were moved from a Yahoo-based system. Read More >>