Legion’s Psychic Interpretive Dance Battles Are One of Its Most Brilliant Ideas

Interpretive dance, much like slam poetry, is a polarising art form that people either passionately love or vehemently hate. If you’re someone who falls into the latter camp, then Legion might actually be what convinces you to change your mind. Dance has been a core part of Legion since the very first episode, but it really wasn’t until this week’s season two premiere that the whimsical sequences’ significance really came into focus. Read More >>

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The Five Stages of Machine Telepathy, Explained in Five Minutes

Stage one is controlling stuff with your brain (sounds fun, yeah?), stage two is basically Elon Musk's plans for Neuralink. Stage three is where it really starts to get creepy. Read More >>

Real-Life Mind Control Let a Human Wag a Rat’s Tail

Mind control is the inevitable endgame of just about every user interface. You know, Star Wars-style mind-controlled arms. But what about controlling other beings? Scientists have managed to enable a human to wag rat's tail with his mind. Bio-drones away. Read More >>

Scientists Wire Two Rats’ Brains Together and Share a Thought Across the Internet

Telepathy isn't real. You can't read minds with nothing but the tools you were born with. But add a little bit of wiring and that starts to change. Scientists have now managed to get two lab rats to think in-sync with just a little augmentation. Read More >>