Telephone GPs are Cutting Costs for Private Healthcare Users

Some of the UK's private healthcare providers are turning to telephone GP consultations, in a move to make it easier and quicker for patients to get an opinion. Oh, and maybe to save money, but that's only a happy coincidence. Read More >>

22 Beautiful Rotary Phones From The Past Century

It's possible that some of you have never seen a rotary phone in real life. It's likely that many of you have never used a rotary phone: heard the pulse take the place of the tone, mustered your patience as the dial rolls back it its reset, cursed a number with so many zeroes in it because it takes so long to call. And that's a shame, because rotary phones are awesome: physical of a time when the home phone was home decor. Here are some of our faves. Read More >>

How Do You Fix a Broken Telephone Pole? With Tape Of Course

When something as big and heavy as a telephone pole snaps in two, it's normally a job for a builder. You're going to have to dig out the base, concrete in a new one, and then run the cables. Not so in China; all you need is tape. Read More >>