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Could Teleporting Ever Work?

Have the major airlines spent decades suppressing teleportation research? Have a number of renowned scientists in the field of teleportation studies disappeared under mysterious circumstances? Is there a cork board at the FBI linking Delta Airlines, shady foreign security firms, and dozens of murdered research professors? Is that investigation being suppressed internally by an agent with close personal ties to Delta’s CEO? Read More >>

Russia’s Developing a Teleportation Device and I’d Love to Have One Right Now

Good morning anyone who’s actually reading this in the wake of what’s just happened! If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, we may have just the thing (but most likely not). Read More >>

There’s No Cloning in Quantum Mechanics, So the Star Trek Transporter Really is a Suicide Box

Remember last week’s video about the trouble with Star Trek’s transporter (a.k.a. a “suicide box”) by CGP Grey, delving into whether the teleported version of yourself would really be, well, you? Henry Reich of Minute Physics has posted a video response with his own resolution to the logical paradox. Read More >>

The Problem With Teleportation

Teleportation is a safe, convenient mode of travel in the Star Trek universe. But what if the Star Trek transporter is essentially a “suicide box” instead? That’s the unnerving conclusion of a new animated video from CGP Grey about the trouble with transporters. Read More >>

Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record With 60-Mile Fibre Jump

A team of researchers from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has broken the distance record for quantum teleportation down optical fibre, showing they’re able to transfer quantum information over 60 miles. Read More >>

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What Would You Do if You Could Teleport?

Forget all the technical details of trying to actually teleport: the fun stuff is imagining what you could do with your new-found superpowers. Read More >>

Scientists Increase Current-Gen Teleportation Range to Three Metres

Dutch physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience claim they've managed to demonstrate the "unconditional teleportation of arbitrary quantum states" in the lab, somehow beaming the spin state of an electron across a room. Read More >>

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Watch People Get Pranked into Thinking Star Trek Teleportation Is Real

Teleportation is perhaps the dreamiest sci-fi invention ever imagined so it's no surprise that when a Star Trek-style Transporter pops up in a middle of a mall and promises real life teleportation, a crowd forms to ooh and ahh and secretly hope that it's real (no matter how unreal it is). Illusionist Scott Penrose created this teleportation prank that had people believing in all things Trekkie. Read More >>

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Watch Christmas Lights Recreate Star Trek‘s ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ Effect

Even non-Star Trek fans have dreamed about teleporting away to space by just saying Beam Me Up, Scotty. And though it's unlikely to ever happen in our lifetimes (prove me wrong smart people!), the special effects maestro Shanks FX has cooked up a slick way to recreate the Star Trek teleportation effect with Christmas lights. Read More >>