Great, Now Robots Will Make Us Go To Work When We’re Ill

In their neverending quest to steal our jobs, a new mind-controlled robot has been designed to go to work in your place when you're off sick. Read More >>

Disney’s New Telepresence Robot Is So Precise it Can Be Used to Thread a Needle

The easiest way to make a robot as dexterous and capable as a human being is to simply let a human control it. That’s how Disney Research’s new telepresence robot works, but with improved hydraulics on board, it’s now capable of duplicating a human’s motions with remarkable precision—to the point where it can even be used to remotely thread a needle. Read More >>

Explore the World From Your Sofa With This Movement-Matching Robot

Games and interactive movies are fun, but modern virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift also have the ability to let people travel and experience the world without ever leaving their sofa. And the DORA telepresence robot, which can perfectly match the movements of someone wearing a headset, will help make that VR experience even more immersive. Read More >>

This 3D Motion Simulator is Powered by People

Haptic Turk is a prototype game that uses your friends as virtual robots to do immersive motion simulation at home. The research project from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany demoed a flight simulator variant at CHI2014 last week: the player wears 3D goggles and lies in two slings held by four friends—the "human actuators" or turkers. A fifth can do special effects, inventing sensations with whatever is on hand. Read More >>

iRobot Makes It Easier To Show Up To Work While At Home In Your PJs

Email, the internet, and a host of other advancements in office technology have finally made the dream of working from home a reality. But sometimes you just need to be in the office, and thanks to a collaboration between iRobot and Cisco, you still don't need to change out of your pyjamas to get chewed out by your boss. Read More >>

This Human Support Robot Is the Robo-Butler of the Future

It's been the new millennium for over a decade now and not only do we not have personal jetpacks, but there's also a distinct lack of robo-maids and robo-butlers. You might not be able buy a robotic house-slave tommorrow, but Toyota's newly announced Human Support Robot is a step in that direction. Read More >>

Robo-Doctors Begin Transforming NHS Hospital Treatment

The bizarre Japanese style of automated health robot has landed over here, with one NHS health trust unleashing the "telepresence" roving chatbot inside its wards. Read More >>

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Creepy Robotic Hand Will Probably End Up Being Popular For Something Other Than Handshakes

Video conferencing can be a cold and impersonal way to conduct business, but researchers at Osaka University in Japan think they can change that by having the participants first perform a tele-handshake using a robot hand that matches the other person's grip. Read More >>