Dr Who
Doctor Who’s Next Doctor is Finally Being Unveiled This Sunday

It’s been 165 days since we heard that Peter Capaldi’s time on Doctor Who was up. Now, we finally know that it’s going to be just a few short days until we meet his successor. Read More >>

All 4’s Terrible Ads Are About To Start Saying Your Name Out Loud

Channel 4 catch up service All 4 already has the worst ads of all the streaming platforms, and they're about to get even worse. Read More >>

A ‘League of Gentlemen’ Anniversary Special Is Coming

Great news for League of Gentlemen fans: it's coming back. Read More >>

After Logan and Legion, are the Traditional Super-Heroics of Iron Fist Obsolete?

Do you remember back in 1999, when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was being talked up as a mind-blowing new world of CGI that would change film forever? Then The Matrix came out of nowhere a month before TPM’s release and gave us a more modern, inventive and influential use of CGI than TPM could ever hope to top. Remember that? Well, that’s basically what Legion and Logan have done to Iron Fist. Read More >>

Forget Everything You Know About Comic Book TV Shows: Legion is Something Else

If you hear that Legion is a comic book adaptation set in the X-Men universe, then you develop certain preconceptions. There will be uniforms, there will be heavy-handed allegories about the people whom society ostracises, there will probably be Patrick Stewart somewhere, delivering a sage voiceover about evolution. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Will Eric Carter’s Galaxy S7 Edge Really Last All Day?

Last night saw the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new 12-part spin-off of the real time terrorist fightin' soap opera. This time, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer is nowhere to be seen, and the lead role has instead gone to Corey Hawkins' as Eric Carter, an ex-army ranger who is being hunted by terrorists now back home in the United States. Read More >>

Detailed 3D Floor Plans Reveal Everything You Missed While Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

After watching through all three seasons of HBO’s Silicon Valley, you probably feel like a member of Erlich Bachman’s cramped incubator. But how well do you really know his Silicon Valley home? Drawbotics, a company that makes 3D real-estate visualisations, took some time to create detailed layouts of some fictional properties that only exist on TV. Read More >>

What the Hell Is HDR?

If you followed the news out of CES closely you probably heard the word HDR tossed around a lot. This coming year we’ll see lots of TVs for under £500 with the feature, and fancy monitors for nearly £1000. But what does HDR even mean? Read More >>

The Planet Earth 2 Finale was More Popular than the X-Factor Grand Final

When Planet Earth 2 first hit our screens six weeks ago, in addition to providing Giz with a rich seam of GIFs to mine, it also proved a hit with viewers - beating ITV talent show The X-Factor in the TV ratings. Read More >>

100,000 Classic & Not-So-Classic British TV Shows To Be Digitised to Save Them From Being Lost Forever

Some of the biggest TV shows from the 1970s and 80s are set to be digitised as part of a new digitisation project by the British Film Institute (BFI) - so that they can be preserved for future generations. Read More >>

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Might Be Regenerating in 2018

Peter Capaldi's tenure as the Doctor may be about to be cut short - but not by a Dalek, or even the Master, but by BBC management. Read More >>

Planet Earth 2 Beats X-Factor in the Ratings – Maybe We’re Not Doomed After All?

Just when it would have been safe to assume that the world is going to hell, a glimmer of hope: It turns out that despite everything, the general public still prefer David Attenborough to The X-Factor. Read More >>

Blast From the Past: Chris Barrie Attacks Red Dwarf In Newly Re-Emerged 1993 Interview

Red Dwarf is currently back on our screens for its 11th series - once again on Dave. And by all accounts, it appears that the Boys from the Dwarf are enjoying every moment of the show's success. But it appears that it hasn't always been that way, as a recently re-emerged interview with Rimmer actor Chris Barrie reveals. Giz UK has obtained a copy of the article - which as far as we can tell, hasn't made its way online before. Read More >>

ITV Moving the News At Ten – For A US-style Chat Show

The world feels more complicated than ever what with Brexit, Donald Trump and climate change. But ITV has now decided that there's something more important: Celebrity viral videos. Read More >>

Eating Cake is Officially More Popular Than Sport: Bake Off Ratings Beat the Olympics

Move over Laura Trott. You to, Kenny, Wiggins, Daley, Ennis and Farah. We don't need you anymore. We have new heroes now. It turns out that there's one thing that Britons like more than watching human specimens in peak physical condition. And that's watching people bake and eat cake. Read More >>