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It’s Easier to Understand How TVs Work When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

Despite feeling like ancient, antique technology at this point, the monstrously-heavy CRT television you grew up with was an engineering marvel, as the Slow Mo Guys reveal by filming an old-school TV at an astonishing 380,000 frames per second. Read More >>

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CES 2018: I Think Sony Realised Last Year’s Cool OLED TVs Looked Too Weird

Take a moment and step back to January 2017. That’s when Sony announced the A1E OLED, a cool new TV that used the display itself as part of the speaker. The big problem with the TV was how weird it looked. So Sony fixed that, and the new A8F series is decidedly more traditional. Read More >>

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LG is Ready to Roll Out a Rollable 65-Inch TV at CES 2018

LG seems poised to make one hell of a splash when CES 2018 kicks off in a few hours. The South Korean OLED specialist wowed the world with its ludicrously skinny 'wallpaper televisions' last year, and 12 months later, the firm is now ready to show off an 88-inch 8K TV. Because 2160p is a sinfully low resolution, dammit! But LG also has another new OLED to roll out at the Las Vegas event. Literally... Read More >>

CES 2018: LG’s New Tower Projector Will Beam 150-Inches of 4K Sexiness to Your Wall

CES is an exciting time for TV lovers. When the biggest gadget show on Earth kicks off tomorrow night, OLED-lovers will hope LG is going to knock their socks off with a new batch of TVs that are capable of sporting darker blacks than Rick Sanchez’s soul. In the meantime, the South Korean tech giant is impressing with a new 4K projector that’s relatively svelte in terms of physical real estate, but downright jumbo when it comes to image size. Read More >>

I Really Want to See LG’s New 8K OLED TV in Person

CES is less than a week away, which means there are less than seven days before we’re inundated with news of crazy new TVs, laptops, and random crowdfunded gadgets that probably should never make it to market. LG Display (a subsidiary of LG), clearly hoping to get ahead of the rest of the news, took the opportunity yesterday to announce a giant, potentially gorgeous 8K OLED—the first of its kind. I’m pumped, but what I really can’t wait for is to experience it in person and see if it really is as precise, with as rich black levels as the image above suggests. Read More >>

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May The Dorks Be With You: Toshiba Announces Star Wars Themed TV

Are you sick of your world not being being completely owned by the Walt Disney Corporation? You know the feeling: You get home from work and take off your Darth Vader tie, and sit down on your BB8 beanbag to watch Star Wars™ again, like you do every night. But something is bothering you. Even though you've changed into your Rebel pilot uniform and braided your hair to be all swirly on the sides of your head, you still run the risk of catching a glimpse of something that isn't Star Wars™ branded: The bezel around the edge of your TV. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Phone and TV Display Tech

The technology powering the display on your phone, or even your TV, is a lot different than it was even ten years ago. More colours, more pixels, and a whole lot more acronyms and complex terms that mean something — even if you have no idea what that something is. Display technology in 2017 is a complicated business, but if you understand some basic concepts and a few of the acronyms everything starts to be about as clear as that sweet iPhone display you might be reading this on. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cheap 4K TVs Are Good Enough for Almost Anyone

Remember when 4Ks used to cost a damn fortune? Those days are quickly coming to an end, and if you need proof, look no further than Amazon’s new line of (Westinghouse-manufactured) budget televisions. They come with all the smarts of Amazon’s excellent Fire TV set-top box as well as a price-to-quality ratio that makes them appealing to just about anyone who isn’t willing to take out a mortgage to watch the game in higher quality. Read More >>

As CRT Supplies Vanish the Classic Arcade Machine is Virtually Dead

The classic arcade cabinet will soon be all but extinct. The niche market of manufacturing CRT televisions has officially hit a wall and the experience of playing a classic arcade game as it was originally intended will be a very rare thing in the near future. Read More >>

TVs in the 1920s Had Bottle Cap-Sized Screens, With Just 30 Lines of Resolution

Before you start complaining again about the lack of 8K video content online, take a moment to experience what TV was like 87 years ago. As Tim Rowett of Grand Illusions demonstrates, in 1929 TV screens were the size of bottle caps and boasted a paltry resolution of just 30 lines. Read More >>

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In 2017 the TV Is Just a Fancy Ass Computer Display

We’ve seen some incredible TVs at CES this year: Stunning screens that practically melt your eyeballs. But the real stars of the show haven’t been the displays. Instead, the TVs are remarkable for their designs. The coolest TVs of CES 2017 pulled all the guts of the TV out of the display hardware, and in the process effectively completed the modern television’s transition to a giant ass computer monitor. Read More >>

Sony’s New OLED TV Is Both the Screen and the Speaker

True to rumours, Sony revealed a new OLED TV last night at CES. The display itself appears to be just as thin as LG’s new 2.5mm thick OLED W7, but where the LG OLED puts the speakers in a giant soundbar you can position anywhere near the TV, the Sony set uses the display itself as the speaker. Read More >>

Sony’s Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds of Tiny LED Tiles

That image above appears to show one giant seamless LED display, but Sony’s new CLEDIS system, presumably intended for use in convention centres like the one hosting CES in Las Vegas, is actually hundreds of LED tiles smooshed together. Read More >>

ces 2017
The Curved TV Gimmick Might Finally Be Dead

If you weren’t watching Samsung’s TV event and LG press conference you might have missed it. The curved TV, once considered the whizzbang tech that would save televisions, is dead. Not quite in the ground, but no longer the darling of its makers. The curved TV is being quietly shuffled away from the limelight to make way for newer, and better, fads in televisions. Read More >>

LG’s New OLED TV Might Be One of the Thinnest TVs Ever Made

At 2.57mm thick, LG’s new OLED W7 television might be the thinnest giant television ever made. I don’t want to say that. It feels like hyperbole, and over the next few days I have no doubt that a lot of other televisions are going to use similar tech for similar results, but look at that image above. Note how that 65-inch display is actually thinner than that woman’s finger. Now come back and tell me that isn’t incredible. Read More >>