Samsung Deletes Terrifying Tweet Warning That Its Smart TVs Can Get Viruses

The internet of things, in which all of our gadgets are plugged into data connections, will bring some terrible downsides along with its conveniences. We were blessed with a reminder of this uneasy future this morning when Samsung’s Twitter account for customer support tweeted a guide to performing a security scan on your television. Then Samsung deleted the tweet. Read More >>

A Theory About Why Last Night’s Game of Thrones Was Too Dark to Watch

Last night’s Game of Thrones supposedly showcased the largest battle ever shot for TV. I say supposedly because I couldn’t see most of the action—nor could a lot of other people, who complained all over Twitter. Read More >>

Samsung’s All-Wireless TV Concept Is the Real Cordcutting Solution I Want

There are a few ways to hide or camouflage the bundle of cables that hang from most wall-mounted TVs—power, HDMI, etc.—but none are as truly invisible as the wireless technology that was recently revealed in a patent Samsung filed with the World Intellectual Property Office in March of last year. It eliminates cables altogether using a variation of the wireless power technology that currently allows you to charge your phone without a cable. Read More >>

Now We Know How Much an 8K TV Will Cost (So Much)

Most of the major TV makers were eager to show off their enormous 8K sets in January, but if you were struck with TV envy, you were frustrated because no one at the show was willing to talk about how much over 33 million pixels would cost. But Samsung announced availability and pricing today for its 8K Q900 series—so prepare to spend £15,000 if you want 85 inches of 8K TV. Read More >>

Okay, This Argument for 8K TVs Is Kinda Convincing 

I am not on board with 8K. The TVs will be expensive, there’s zero content for them, and they’ll heavily rely on internal processors for upscaling that already struggle to upscale HD content properly to 4K. It seems smarter to work on HDR tech, which makes a more substantial improvement at this time than higher resolution. 8K feels less like new tech to be excited about, and more like flashy language someone in marketing is hoping will help a company sell a few more TVs. But during a closed-door briefing at CES last week, Sony attempted to make a case for why 8K should be the future of televisions, and it made some sense. Read More >>

I Was Over 8K TVs Before They Even Happened

Okay, it’s the first day of CES, which means the TV makers have all announced their TVs, and yes they’re all neat looking, especially the 8K TVs top manufacturers are promising to ship this year. They are legit beautiful – so why am I so underwhelmed? Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: A Glimpse at the Glorious Future of Display Tech

LG Display is not LG. LG Display makes displays that go in products from a wide variety of companies – including many LG competitors. And it’s really good at making those displays. Its concepts are a peek at what to expect from TV, laptop, and phone makers in the coming years. Read More >>

CES 2019: LG Will Finally Sell That Cool Rollable TV Concept

Two years ago LG Displays showed off a super cool OLED TV that rolled up into its base when not in use, essentially giving you the best of both the TV and projector worlds. Now LG is actually selling a TV based on the technology. The LG Signature OLED TV R will ship later this year. Read More >>

CES 2019: HP’s 65-inch HDR Gaming Monitor With G-Sync Looks Spectacular

A year ago, Nvidia announced plans for a series of gigantic monitors with G-sync built in, running on Android, and sporting a unique blend of features found on no other TV or computer monitor. The monitors, collectively called BFGDs (as in Big Fucking Gaming Displays), had a major issue in those early demos. They were...ugly. The displays seemed low quality, with poor dynamic range and a terrible blooming issue that might be acceptable in a $500 TV, but not a $5,000 one. But a year later, the first of those BFGD, the HP Omen Omen X Emperium 65, is finally moving out of the conceptual demo space and into purchasable reality. Read More >>

how to
8 Tricks to Improve the Picture on Your New TV

Right now is one of the best times to buy a new TV. In early January, TV makers will announce their 2019 sets at CES, so all the 2018 set will be cheaper than usual as companies work to burn off their old inventory. And seeing as all those new, 2019 TVs won’t start showing up in stores until March, at the earliest you’ve got a few months to enjoy your set without being envious of others. But you know what will make your TV even more enjoyable? These tricks for significantly improving its image quality. Read More >>

watch this
It’s Easier to Understand How TVs Work When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

Despite feeling like ancient, antique technology at this point, the monstrously-heavy CRT television you grew up with was an engineering marvel, as the Slow Mo Guys reveal by filming an old-school TV at an astonishing 380,000 frames per second. Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: I Think Sony Realised Last Year’s Cool OLED TVs Looked Too Weird

Take a moment and step back to January 2017. That’s when Sony announced the A1E OLED, a cool new TV that used the display itself as part of the speaker. The big problem with the TV was how weird it looked. So Sony fixed that, and the new A8F series is decidedly more traditional. Read More >>

ces 2018
LG is Ready to Roll Out a Rollable 65-Inch TV at CES 2018

LG seems poised to make one hell of a splash when CES 2018 kicks off in a few hours. The South Korean OLED specialist wowed the world with its ludicrously skinny 'wallpaper televisions' last year, and 12 months later, the firm is now ready to show off an 88-inch 8K TV. Because 2160p is a sinfully low resolution, dammit! But LG also has another new OLED to roll out at the Las Vegas event. Literally... Read More >>

CES 2018: LG’s New Tower Projector Will Beam 150-Inches of 4K Sexiness to Your Wall

CES is an exciting time for TV lovers. When the biggest gadget show on Earth kicks off tomorrow night, OLED-lovers will hope LG is going to knock their socks off with a new batch of TVs that are capable of sporting darker blacks than Rick Sanchez’s soul. In the meantime, the South Korean tech giant is impressing with a new 4K projector that’s relatively svelte in terms of physical real estate, but downright jumbo when it comes to image size. Read More >>

I Really Want to See LG’s New 8K OLED TV in Person

CES is less than a week away, which means there are less than seven days before we’re inundated with news of crazy new TVs, laptops, and random crowdfunded gadgets that probably should never make it to market. LG Display (a subsidiary of LG), clearly hoping to get ahead of the rest of the news, took the opportunity yesterday to announce a giant, potentially gorgeous 8K OLED—the first of its kind. I’m pumped, but what I really can’t wait for is to experience it in person and see if it really is as precise, with as rich black levels as the image above suggests. Read More >>