Cold Weather and Hot Weather Makes Everyone’s Bits Hurt

Researchers looking into how weather patterns match people reporting aches and pains in their bones don't appear to have got the answer they were looking for. Read More >>

This Super Accurate Thermometer Can Take Your Temperature Without Even Touching Skin

The most accurate way to take an infant’s temperature — a rectal thermometer — is also one of the most unpleasant. But infants the world over will wail a sigh of relief now that Withings new Thermo, which requires just a forehead sweep to detect a fever is here. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Thermometer Is Made of DNA

Need to take a temperatures in a hard-to-reach spot? Researchers have created the world’s smallest thermometer from DNA, and it could be used to measure temperature even within living cells. Read More >>

If You Don’t Think a One-Degree Temperature Rise Matters, Read This

It’s just one-degree, right? So, how big a difference can it really make? There’s a place in the world where we can already look at for an answer. Read More >>

Cold in the Office? Blame the Equation Used to Set the Thermostat

If you work in an office, chances are you or the person sitting next to you has grumbled about it being too hot or cold. No one likes rugging up on a summer’s day to contend with the air-conditioning. Or having to shed one too many layers in winter to compensate for stifling heat indoors. Read More >>

In the Antarctic, Scientific Freezers Like This Don’t Need Refrigeration

This eerie picture shows an Antarctic research station which is used to store, of all things, snow samples. But with temperatures regularly dropping below –70°C, there’s no need for refrigeration. Read More >>

A Shocking Visualisation of the Planet’s Rising Temperatures

Last week, it was announced that 2014 was the hottest year in Earth's recorded history. This animation by Bloomberg brings that finding into sharp focus. Read More >>

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This Table Protects You From Burning Hot Beverages

What if your dining room table could show you when your coffee or cocoa is too hot to drink? That could be a reality today: hacker Ken Kawamoto shows us how with a technique called thermal projection mapping. Read More >>

The Tempescope Puts the Weather in a Box on Your Desk

Sure, you could just download a weather app to see what conditions are like outside your front door, but where's the fun in that? Ken Kawamoto's Tempescope actually creates rain, clouds, and simulated lightning right inside your house. It's the ultimate push notification. Read More >>

London’s Bus and Tube Carriages are Too Hot For Livestock

The current heatwave that's sweeping the country has resulted in some scorching temperatures to endure on public transport, with the upper decks of some London buses maxing out at a tropical 35.5C. Read More >>

The World’s Most Sensitive Thermometer is Made From Light

A team of researchers has made the world's most sensitive thermometer at room temperature, which is three times more precise than any to go before it – and it's made of light. Read More >>

Rumour: iPhone 6 May Have Environment Sensors to Tell You When You’re Too Hot

Speculation from a tech industry analyst suggests Apple may be planning to whack several more sensors into its next generation of mobile, with sources claiming we may see temperature, humidity and pressure hardware in a future iPhone. You'll be able to see what the weather's like outside without breaking eye contact with your device. Read More >>

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Watch NASA’s Predictions About Climate Change for the Next 87 Years

News alert! The world is going to get hotter. NASA combined dozens of climate models from around the world to estimate temperature and precipitation patterns for the next 87 years. That'll get us right to the year 2100. Read More >>

How Much Global Warming Will Happen Before You Kick the Bucket?

On Friday the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put its collective foot down about global warming. Its happening and its our fault. But as with any issue that affects all of humanity, the most important question is what's gonna happen to you? Will you have to give up air conditioning? Read More >>

Landmark UN Report Blames Humans For Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has this morning a landmark report which places the blame for climate change squarely at the feet of humankind. Read More >>