Festivals Demand an End to Single-Use Tents

There is, believe it or not, an organisation known as the Association of Independent Festivals, which coordinates the activities of around 60 of the UK's many summertime outside-a-thons. And it has declared war on the wasteful shame that is binning perfectly good tents after just one or two nights of use. Read More >>

Tents Should Have Had Built-in Air Mattresses Since Day One

A comfy air mattress can make roughing it feel a little less rough, although wrangling one inside a tent that's a little too small for your queen size bed can be a huge pain. And that's exactly the situation that inspired Dan Robertson to create the Aesent: a tent with a built-in air mattress on its base that's always the perfect size. Read More >>

This Minimalist Outdoor Grill Rolls Open Like a Sleeping Bag

There's nothing quite like roasting a meal you just caught while you're braving the great outdoors. It's an experience made all the better with a campfire grill that doesn't feel like a sack of bricks in your backpack. And while designer Roee Magdassi's Stakes grill doesn't exist just yet, we're hoping at least one manufacturer sees the brilliance of this design. Read More >>

Disposable Rubbish Bag Tents Are the Cleverest Way To Keep Camping Clean

Music festivals generate a lot of litter. Tons of it. Litterally. It's been a problem for ages, but Glad has come up with a clever design solution that solves at least part of the problem: a rubbish bag tent. Read More >>

Chill Out In This Breezy Beach Tent (Beach Not Included)

For Christmas I bought my nieces a tipi to play in. They're obsessed with it, but I felt a little left, out so I'd like one of these breezy Gandia Blasco tents. Read More >>

Ultra-Expensive Two Pound Tent Lightens Your Backpack and Your Wallet

With its new Mojo UFO tent, Sierra Designs is hoping that campers who like to travel light are willing to spend a small fortune to shave a few grams off their pack. Because the space-age looking shelter weighs less than one kilogram, but comes with an £1,150 price tag. Read More >>

Glowing Beacon Ensures You’ll Never Get Lost in a Sea of Tents Again

The next time you're trying to drunkenly stumble back to your tent during your second night of Glastonbury, the TentFinder will illuminate your home-away-from-home so you can easily find it. Read More >>

Sleeping in a Geodesic Dome Is the Only Way I Want to Camp

The Geodesic dome was first invented by Buckminster Fuller as part of his vision of a better tomorrow. While the world did not adopt his solution for a shelter that maximised volume while using minimum amounts of material, the dome has maintained a cult-following. One such example of that is a British farm that lets you embark into the wild and "camp" in a geodesic dome. Read More >>

This Hammock Tent Is Like a Swanky Hanging Three Bedroom Apartment

Is there anything worse than setting up camp only to have a family of bears attack, dragging off your food and other campers? That (probably!) won't happen if you've packed a Tentsile tent which hangs out of the reach of predators. Read More >>

Would You Sleep in a Floating Tent Hanging Off a Tree?

Can you imagine sleeping in a portaledge, aka a floating freaking tent? It's beyond scary. Look at it! You have to trust the tree branch, the rope attached to the tree branch, your weight and the material of the tent. Read More >>