Terminator’s Stars Tackle the Franchise’s Greatest Paradox

The Terminator and Terminator: Dark Fate share a similar problem. Both are about an artificial intelligence from the future sending a Terminator into the past to kill a woman before she can do something that could, eventually, destroy it. For Sarah Connor, that’s giving birth to John Connor, leader of the human resistance. For Dani Ramos, it’s...still kind of a spoiler. But step back from that for a second. Read More >>

Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Care That Terminator: Dark Fate Ignores Previous Films He Was In

Any normal person might be angry if they were making a movie that straight-up ignored several previously-connected projects they’d worked on. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a normal person. Read More >>

Terminator: Dark Fate’s Post-Judgment Day Future is Female, and We’re Here for It

Terminator: Dark Fate is an engaging story about three, tremendously powerful women. That’s it. That’s the review. (Ok, not really...) Read More >>

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Mess Up a Bunch of Dudes in Mortal Kombat 11

Okay, I mean, it’s actually the T-800, or more specifically, the older version from the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. But hey: It’s basically Arnold Schwarzenegger, a shotgun, and a world of cybernetic hurt. Read More >>

A New Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Ups the Action, Keeps the Mystery

August 29, Judgment Day, has come and gone. So now that the world is still here, a new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer is our reward. Read More >>

Fear, Tears, and Summer Camp: One 11-Year-Old’s Quest to See Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Today is August 29, a very important day in the lore of Terminator. August 29, 1997 was originally Judgement Day, the day Skynet became self-aware and launched nuclear weapons, basically ending the world. The event marked the beginning of a timeline when machines ruled the world and started sending Terminators back in time to kill their enemies. Read More >>

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares a Fantastic Piece of Old Terminator Storyboarding

I don’t normally think of Terminator as being a very emotionally expressive franchise, but there’s something haunting about this great storyboard. Read More >>

Listen to Sarah Connor Say ‘Metal Motherfucker’ in the New Terminator: Dark Fate Featurette

Paramount’s Terminator: Dark Fate panel at San Diego Comic-Con showed Hall H some footage but didn’t release it online. Instead, they’ve gifted us a shiny new look at the latest instalment of the cyborg-battling franchise in featurette form. Read More >>

Terminator: Dark Fate Panel Announces Edward Furlong is Back as John Connor and More

The first panel in the massive Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was suitably huge, bringing the stars and creators of highly anticipated sequel-slash-reboot Terminator: Dark Fate to the stage. And there were some certified icons in the house, including Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, reunited for the first time since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Read More >>

How Terminator: Dark Fate is Different From the Other Sequels, According to the Director

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is so good, three sequels and a TV show haven’t been able to crack the code to find a way back into Terminator that will wow audiences as that movie did. It’s one of the many reasons why some fans are sceptical about the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate, which is being called the first true sequel to Terminator 2, despite Rise of the Machines, Salvation, Genysis, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Read More >>

The First Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Has Double the Terminator Trouble

The first trailer for the third attempt at rebooting the Terminator franchise is here and, appropriately enough, the new Terminator power is in line with that. Read More >>

Terminator 6 Is Called Terminator: Dark Fate…Yes, Really

Well, at least it’s not as bad as “Genisys.” Read More >>

Now We Know the Working Title For Terminator 6

In a recent interview, James Cameron revealed what may indeed be the title of the latest Terminator movie. And it’s a good one. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Behind-the-Scenes Footage of The New Terminator Movie

In a new promotional video from a Hungarian film studio, we get one of our first glimpses at the new Terminator film in progress. There’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. And a cute dog! Read More >>

All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2019

Last year was one of the biggest years ever at the box office, and 2019 looks like it could easily beat that record. Why? Well, you’ll see... Read More >>