These 4,000-Year-Old Termite Mounds Can Be Seen From Space

Scientists have discovered an immense grouping of freakishly large termite mounds in northeastern Brazil. Obscured by trees, the previously undetected array occupies a space equal to the size of Great Britain. Read More >>

Termite Armies Send Their Oldest Soldiers to Die First

You might not be cool sending your elderly grandparents to the front lines of war. But termites think differently—if gran and granddad are already old and close to death, termites figure they might as well be the first casualties. Read More >>

Termites Are Finally Being Recognised For What They Really Are: Social Cockroaches

Very quietly, and without any formal announcement, the Common Names Committee of the Entomological Society of America has decided to list termites in the same category as cockroaches. It seems weird to lump the two together, but it’s a move that scientists have been considering for nearly a century. Read More >>

We Finally Know What’s Causing Namibia’s Mysterious Fairy Circles

For decades, scientists have struggled to understand the strange circles of barren land that litter the Namib Desert. Called “Fairy Circles,” their formation has been attributed to everything from supernatural forces to poison gas and subterranean insects. Now, scientists may have finally solved this enduring mystery. Read More >>

Termites Have Been Farming Longer Than Us

Hey termites, we’re not so different, you and I. Read More >>

Ants are So Passé, You Need a Termite Farm on Your Desk

Is there any better way to relax than being reminded of your species' dominance on this planet while watching a bunch of bugs trapped in a clear plastic enclosure? Not likely. But ant farms are so yesterday, what you need is your own personal termite farm, and that's exactly what the Termitat delivers—complete with a slice of Douglas Fir to keep them fed for up to two years. Read More >>