Netflix Hints at Future VPN Lockdown

Updated Netflix terms and conditions seem to be laying the groundwork for a future ban on people accessing the site using a VPN, with terms now allowing for accounts to be cancelled should users fail a geographic location check. Read More >>

23 Per Cent of Americans Think MP3 is a Robot From Star Wars

A survey of some non-nerdy Americans threw up some baffling holes in the knowledge of the nation, with 11 per cent of people asked thinking "HTML" is a form of sexually-transmitted disease and 12 per cent thinking "USB" is the acronym of a European country. You'd never get answers that stupid in the United States of Britain. Read More >>

google glass
Google Bans Selling or Lending of Google Glass; Will Remote Deactivate Your Eyes

If Google thinks any of its new Google Glass owners have been flogging them on eBay or loaning them their to friends it has the right to remotely deactivate the tech spectacles, according to the Ts & Cs in the contract this first wave of buyers have agreed to. Read More >>

Google Drive a Privacy Nightmare of Facebook Proportions?

The special group of people who actually read and digest terms and conditions have been getting upset about Google Drive, claiming Google's use of blanket permissions mean it can do pretty much whatever it likes with your stuff once you've thrown it up into the Google cloud. Read More >>