Forget the Viral Potential and Don’t Photograph Terror Aftermaths, Say Police

The person who took the video of the steaming, half-detonated bomb in the discount supermarket shopping bag was being a bit silly, say police, who have reiterated advice to put your phone away and run if you're unfortunate enough to be caught in the vicinity of any terror attacks. Read More >>

Google Throws £1m in Vague Direction of Anti-Terrorism Efforts

The media has been battering Google over the apparent free availability of bomb-making tutorials on its video-sharing site, so it's time to do something about it. It's time to get the virtual wallet out to make the bad news go away. Read More >>

Government Wants Tech Giants to Auto-Delete Terror Content

Theresa May has said something not to do with Brexit for once, with the PM using a speech at the United Nations to ask today's tech giants and social media kingpins to do more to automatically filter out terrorist material. Read More >>

Government’s Holiday Horror Terror Advisory Inadvertently Promotes the ‘Staycation’

Older readers might remember the Cold War horror videos of the 1970s and early 1980s, which convinced a generation of seven-year-olds that the jet plane flying overhead was probably a nuclear bomb about to wipe out Bodmin and therefore their homes, turning them and the dog into dust. This generation's thing for children to be scared of? Overseas random terrorist gun attacks. Read More >>

The Terrorists Are Winning, if Alton Towers is Their Target

Merlin Entertainments, the fun conglomerate behind such mass entertainment venues as Madame Tussauds and the London Eye, says visitor numbers are down since the end of March, and it might just be because people are getting a bit nervy about attending jam-packed public spaces in the wake of this new wave of urban terrorism. Read More >>

Trump Might Add UK Airports to the Naughty Terrorist Laptop Ban List

That man in America who sets the day's news from Twitter in bed each morning has struck again, with the latest rumours from Trumpland suggesting that UK and European airports could join the ban on bringing laptops and tablets into the country on flights. Read More >>

Big Brand Ads Accidentally Fund Terrorists Online

The way the planet's biggest brands farm their adverts out in an effort to hit as many eyeballs as possible is having some unfortunate unintended results, with ads for some of the largest companies appearing online alongside terrorist rants -- presumably earning hate speakers a nice chunk of change for plays and clicks. Read More >>

Bulk Data Collection is Needed Because We’re All Terrorists Now, Says Report

An independent review into the need for mass data collection has decided that it's a great thing and that our agencies should continue filling up millions of hard drives with details of everything we do and say, as it does indeed protect against the modern menace that is terrorism. Read More >>

Fake Source Nearly Fooled MI6 With Imaginary Iraqi Intelligence Nicked from a Film

One source of information rubbished in the many pages of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq war appears to have been making things up to deliberately fool our intelligence services, by relaying Hollywood blockbuster terrorist plots to imagine bad things happening. Read More >>

Bono Wants to Send Borat to Fight ISIS

Bono, the man with the sunglasses and the music that's either good or bad depending on your upbringing, has spoken to the US Senate in Washington, giving, for some reason, his thoughts on how comedy might be used to combat ISIS. We've looked it up and it definitely seems to be a genuine thing that happened. Read More >>

Disaster Strikes as (Pretend) Terrorists Launch (Pretend) Attack on Nuclear Power Stations

The UK and US are teaming up to launch a big anti-terror attack simulation, working together to formulate an exercise in which our nuclear power stations come under a cyber-attack from people putting on North Korean accents and wearing black hooded tops. Read More >>

UK Police Increase Patrols Following Brussels Attacks

The UK's police forces and security services are increasing their numbers at airports and other travel hubs, in the wake of today's tragic attacks in the city of Brussels. Read More >>

What Happens When You Zoom in Too Far on Google Maps 

Sleeping too well lately? Looking for that “something something” to turn those boring restful nights into a horrorscape? Turns out, zooming in too far on Google Maps’ user-uploaded 3D Spheres produces some impressively fucked up images. Read More >>

Facebook’s Offering Free Ad Credit to Vocal Anti-Extremists

Facebook has been putting its money where its mouth is in following through with its promotion of the positive "counter-speech" notion, funding comedians, students and protesters who wish to use the social network to try to shout down hate groups. Read More >>

Met Police Plan Fantastical Eagles Vs Drones Sky Battles

London's Met Police are not immune to viral internet videos, with that superb Dutch test of living anti-drone tech reaching the offices of force commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. He says London might one day use a similar system, should trials prove a success. Read More >>